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Anne Holm
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does David say about the right of parents over children?

2. How does David plan to escape?

3. Why does David ask for books made prior to 1917?

4. What is revealed at the end of the chapter about Edith, the woman in the photograph?

5. What do the parents note about David's speech?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain David's experience within the church.

2. Explain what happens to King.

3. Explain how being kept a slave on the farm is beneficial to David.

4. Why is being able to use proper wording important to David?

5. Why does Giovanni respect David?

6. Explain why David is disheartened in this chapter.

7. What is the significance of David touching Maria?

8. Why does David have such difficulty understanding the young boys he has come to live with?

9. Describe how David escapes the stable.

10. Why does David hate being touched?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The author often uses strong depictions of the landscape David moves through both to indicate position as well as to provide David with uplifting moments in his journey. Choose a scene in which David is in awe and wonder about his surroundings, and analyze that scene. Why is David so enthralled? What type of environment is he used to? How does the author use David's surroundings to uplift his character, at times?

Essay Topic 2

David's relationship with God grows through the novel from being non-existent to being one of the most vital relationships in his life. Describe each stage of this relationship in detail. How does David find God? How does he choose a God? How does he pray? How does he learn about God? What promises does he make to God, and what triumphs does he attribute to God? Does God succeed, to David, in helping him?

Essay Topic 3

In the novel, there is constant contrast between the life David has led, and the life of the more privileged in society. Compare and contrast David's life with the life of others, making sure to touch on concepts such as freedom, choice, materialism, education, and self identity.

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