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Anne Holm
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Short Answer Questions

1. What vehicle does David smuggle himself into in this chapter that helps him reach his destination?

2. Who serves the family dinner?

3. Why does David decide he must go into town?

4. What do the couple give to David for his assistance?

5. Why does David decide to attempt to escape?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain why David is reluctant to escape, and why he does it, despite his reservations.

2. Explain why David refused the man's money, and why the man hid money in David's bundle.

3. Explain why David doesn't believe he would be good at playing.

4. Explain why the man on the ship does not turn David in, and how he helps him to escape.

5. Explain why David decides to stay with the family, when asked.

6. Explain why David plunges through the thicket instead of going around it.

7. Explain what the man on the ship and the woman in the shop mean when they discuss David's eyes.

8. Explain why David thinks Angelo is stupid.

9. Describe how David saves Maria from the fire.

10. Why does David force himself not to think?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There are several instances in the book where the author uses scenery and seasons as metaphors for times within David's own life. This is particularly true in Chapter Seven, as winter gives way to spring. Explain how Anne Holm uses these seasons as metaphors for David's own life.

Essay Topic 2

In the novel, there is constant contrast between the life David has led, and the life of the more privileged in society. Compare and contrast David's life with the life of others, making sure to touch on concepts such as freedom, choice, materialism, education, and self identity.

Essay Topic 3

At one point in the novel, David learns about his conscience, as he debates about whether to return to the woman in town to take care of her baby, or whether perhaps by doing so, he would endanger the child. Explain his dilemma, the reasons for his concerns, and his resulting decision. What lesson does David learn about doing what it right?

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