Objects & Places from I Am David

Anne Holm
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The Internment Camp - This prison camp, run by "them" (i.e. the Nazis), is where David spent his childhood, and is the place from which he escapes in the narrative's first chapter.

David's Compass - Before he gets out of the camp, the man directs him to make his way to a certain tree, where he will find supplies to help him on his journey. The most important of these is this object, which helps him to determine direction.

Salonica - This port city in Greece is David's first destination after he escapes from the camp. From there, he hitches a ride on a boat to Italy.

Italy - David has to navigate his way from the southern part of this country to the northern border as the initial phase of his journey to Denmark.

Germany, Switzerland - After leaving Italy, David has to cross these...

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