I Am David Character Descriptions

Anne Holm
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This person is the novel's central character and protagonist. The character is twelve years old as the story begins, lives in a concentration camp, and has no idea of any personal history or sense of belonging, but throughout the book, this character develops a strong sense of self.

The Man in the Camp (the Commandant)

This character is never named, but enables David to escape from the camp, providing him with information as to when would be the right time, an initial set of supplies, and a goal - Denmark. This person likely loved David's mother.


This character, whose last name and nationality are never revealed by the narrative, is a fellow inmate in the internment camp where David spends his childhood. Educated and articulate, wise and a mentor, this person instructs David in the ways and philosophies of personal integrity, morals, and self-worth.

The Truck Drivers, the Italian Sailor, the Baker

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