I Am David Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Anne Holm
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Chapter Abstracts

Chapter 1

* David is helped to escape the camp by 'the man' or one of the guards.

* David follows the man's directions to board a ship in Italy, and to continue toward Denmark.

* David fears capture, but begins to cherish his freedom, as he experiences beauty for the first time.

Chapter 2

* David bathes in a stream and finds shelter in a cave outside a town.

* As David spends time in town at night, he learns much about people and their culture.

* David sees a baby, and is awed by its lack of ability.

* The towns people begin to notice David, and he is forced to leave.

Chapter 3

* David loses his compass, and asks God for assistance, although he struggles to decide which God to pray to.

* He helps a man find his glasses, and he admits to the man, uncomfortably, that he doesn't know how to smile.

* David finds...

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