Hush, Hush Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Becca Fitzpatrick
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Prologue: 1-5

• In 1565, Chauncey, the Duc de Langeais, leaves his girlfriend on the banks of the Loire with a silver buckle from his shoe.

• As he walks home through the cemetery he is accosted by a boy with wings who says he is of the Devil's brood.

• The boy demands Chauncey do his bidding telling Chauncey he is a bastard and his father is a fallen angel. He is a Nephilim.

• Nora Grey, a student at Coldwater High finds in biology class, Barbie and Ken cutouts on the chalkboard with fig leaves placed on them.

• Nora sits with her best friend Vee Sky. The students are not thrilled to be learning about reproductive science.
• The Coach talks about knowing other people well and why that is important and that students who sit together have done so for a reason.

• The Coach decides to mix the students up and...

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