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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Most of the incidents on the tenth day can be referred to as which of the following?
(a) Minor
(b) Massive
(c) Major
(d) Mistakes

2. Where is Jack Ryan's family located at the end of this novel?
(a) London
(b) New York City
(c) California
(d) Washington

3. What message does the Invincible send to the Red October?
(a) You're being chased
(b) Do not submerge again
(c) Surrender or else
(d) We won't harm you

4. What two ships accompany the Red October to its secret destination?
(a) Kennedy and Porgy
(b) Konovalov and Dallas
(c) Porgy and Dallas
(d) Kennedy and Dallas

5. What does the Pentagon think the Soviet Navy is planning in regards to the Red October?
(a) Trapping it in a port
(b) Leading it back to Russia
(c) Surrounding it
(d) Sinking it in the open sea

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ramius plan to get his crew off of the ship?

2. Which of the following idioms describes the feelings on both sides of the conflict on the tenth day?

3. Which of the follow does the Dallas not send to the Red October?

4. Which vessel does the pentagon decide should begin tracking the Red October?

5. The regular public bathhouse is used for which of the following?

Short Essay Questions

1. What about the injured Russian, who is identified simply as a cook is suspenseful?

2. What leads to the arrest of a congressional aide in Washington?

3. What is revealed about the inner-workings of Soviet government on the twelfth day?

4. Describe how the escort went after the Konovalov was destroyed.

5. What does the radiation scare do in the way to help with the defection plan of Ramius?

6. What argument does the President make when the Russian Ambassador accuses the Americans of trying to kidnap the crew of the Red October?

7. What happens when the chief engineer finds a minor radiation leak?

8. What happens when the Red October slams into the Konovalov?

9. Why do the officers on board the Kirov decide to stop all aggressive maneuvers?

10. What does the incident of the KGB agent almost lighting a cigarette near the oxygen tanks show to the reader?

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