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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is the Red October attempting to keep ships at a distance?
(a) Monitoring turns
(b) Radar movements
(c) Alternating speeds
(d) Sonar pings

2. On the eleventh day, what activity is continuing to occur on the Red October?
(a) Look for the radiation leak
(b) Search for defectors
(c) Look for the planted spy
(d) Telling the crew of the mission

3. The assembling of the Air Force is meant to do what to the Russians?
(a) Intimidate them
(b) Scare them
(c) Engage them
(d) Surprise them

4. Which of the following has it been confirmed by reading are involved in the defection plot on the Red October?
(a) Jack Ryan
(b) Cook
(c) Chief Engineer
(d) KGB

5. How does the Konovalov identify the Red October?
(a) Distinctive sound
(b) The Russians on board
(c) Distinctive looks when seen
(d) Sonar

6. Which vessel does the pentagon decide should begin tracking the Red October?
(a) Porgy
(b) Invincible
(c) Dallas
(d) Kennedy

7. Which of the following equipment can be used to track vessels and planes in the ocean?
(a) Radar
(b) Neither of the above answers
(c) Both of the above answers
(d) Sonar

8. How are the Russians convinced that the Red October is destroyed?
(a) Russian military official goes to see wreckage of Ethan Allen
(b) Photos are sent to Moscow
(c) Sailors that were rescued attest to the destruction of the ship
(d) The government releases a news statement

9. What two ships accompany the Red October to its secret destination?
(a) Kennedy and Dallas
(b) Konovalov and Dallas
(c) Porgy and Dallas
(d) Kennedy and Porgy

10. At the end of the novel, what happens to most of the characters?
(a) Go back to their lives
(b) Held in custody
(c) Returned to Russia
(d) Return to CIA headquarters

11. Which of the following words can be used to describe how the planes from both sides know where the other planes are located?
(a) Attacking
(b) Tracking
(c) Locating
(d) Spying

12. Which word best describes how the Russian sailors react to what they see in the United States?
(a) Amazed
(b) Unaffected
(c) Disgusted
(d) Ambivalent

13. Who are sent to inspect the Red October?
(a) A group of intelligence officers
(b) KGB officers
(c) Members of the Invincible
(d) Members of the Senate Intelligence Committee

14. What other vessel heads off to meet the other two ships?
(a) Politovskiy
(b) Kennedy
(c) Deep sea rescue vehicle
(d) Porgy

15. What does a member of the Russian KGB do that is dangerous?
(a) Provides secrets to the Americans
(b) Lights a cigarette near an oxygen tank
(c) Attempt to kidnap the injured Russian sailor
(d) Attempt to kill the injured Russian sailor

Short Answer Questions

1. How many missiles were fired at the American planes by the Russians?

2. How do the three ships identify the Konovalov is still around?

3. Which of the following seems to be of most concern to Jack Ryan?

4. Where is Filitov located?

5. Who kills the spy?

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