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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following equipment can be used to track vessels and planes in the ocean?
(a) Radar
(b) Both of the above answers
(c) Neither of the above answers
(d) Sonar

2. Which of the following idioms describes the feelings on both sides of the conflict on the tenth day?
(a) Over the top
(b) A piece of cake
(c) On edge
(d) Blessing in disguise

3. Which of he following characters impresses the Soviets on the Red October?
(a) Ramius
(b) Mancuso
(c) Jones
(d) Ryan

4. What continues to be a problem on board of the Red October?
(a) Spying
(b) Reactor
(c) Mistrust
(d) Lack of communication

5. Weapons on both sides can best be described as what on the tenth day?
(a) On standby
(b) Stored
(c) Prepared for attack
(d) Used

6. In what city does the Red October end up?
(a) Norfolk
(b) Washington
(c) New York
(d) Miami

7. How many missiles actually made connection with an American plane?
(a) 1
(b) 3
(d) 5

8. What happens to Ramius?
(a) He is shot
(b) Nothing happens to him
(c) He is taken into custody
(d) He boards the Invincible

9. Which of the following is a nickname for the American planes during this time frame?
(a) Tom Cats
(b) Barons
(c) Mavericks
(d) Wild Cats

10. What does the Pentagon think the Soviet Navy is planning in regards to the Red October?
(a) Trapping it in a port
(b) Surrounding it
(c) Leading it back to Russia
(d) Sinking it in the open sea

11. What is the name of the submarine filled with explosives for its last mission?
(a) Ethan Allen
(b) Porgy
(c) Red October
(d) Kennedy

12. Filitov is in what position?
(a) Chief Engineer
(b) CIA
(c) KGB
(d) Ministry of Defense

13. What is the status of the injured Russian soldier on the eleventh day?
(a) Full recovery
(b) No improvement
(c) Died
(d) Some improvement

14. Why do the officers tell the crew they will stay on board?
(a) To destroy it
(b) To create a trap for the Americans
(c) To fix the problems
(d) To safely return the ship to Russia

15. How many days did Jones track the unknown submarine?
(a) 2 weeks
(b) 1 month
(c) 5 days
(d) 2 days

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the crew of the Red October taken?

2. What happens to Williams and Ramius?

3. Where is the secret port?

4. Which of the follow does the Dallas not send to the Red October?

5. Where is Filitov located?

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