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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Seventh Day, Thursday, 9 December.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Konovalov waiting for the Red October?
(a) They are not waiting for the Red October
(b) They have noticed a problem with the submarine and need to repair it
(c) They know about the plan to defect
(d) They are to perform training drills together

2. What is seen in the pictures that is worrisome?
(a) Defection letters
(b) Nuclear reactors
(c) Secret doors
(d) Secret engines

3. What does Ryan now think the Red October is planning to do?
(a) Attack the US
(b) Defect
(c) He still thinks it is lost
(d) Hide

4. Which of the following does the sonar surveillance system detect which is supposed to be silent?
(a) USS Dallas
(b) Red October
(c) Konovalov
(d) USS Bremerton

5. Which of the following vessels was given orders to hunt down the Red October?
(a) HMS Invincible
(b) USS Kennedy
(c) The Konovalov
(d) USS Bremerton

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Ryan dressed in a Navy uniform?

2. Which word describes the picture painted by Ramius of the Soviet government / lifestyle?

3. Why does Ryan go to the USS Kennedy?

4. What does the doctor check for radiation on the crew of the Red October?

5. Where does Ramius plan surface the submarine?

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