Hunger Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the narrator's apartment at the beginning of the novel.

The apartment is an attic room. The walls are papered with issues of the Morning Times. The only nice thing in the room is a small red rocking chair. The window overlooks a field and a burned-out blacksmith's. There is a washstand, a bed and a small table.

2. How is the narrator feeling when he leaves the apartment?

He is cheered up by the sounds of the traffic- the rattle of wagons, the hum of voices, the cracks of the driver's whips and people walking. He feels as powerful as a giant, and as if he could stop a wagon with his shoulders. He feels light-hearted.

3. Why does the narrator become annoyed with the old man?

The old man seems to be going in the same direction as the narrator, and the narrator becomes convinced that the old man is waiting at each crossroads to see where the narrator wishes to go, before limping in front once again and blocking the view. The narrator compares him to an insect.

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