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The Attic Room

At the beginning of the novel, the narrator lives here and he is behind on the rent.


The narrator pawns this at the beginning of the novel.


The narrator accidentally leaves this in his waistcoat when he pawns it. He lies to the pawnbroker to get it back, saying that it has sentimental value.

2 St. Olaf's Place

The narrator follows the woman he thinks of as Ylayali here, to where she lives.

Barber Coupons

The narrator finds these in his pocket. When he becomes desperate, the narrator tries to trade them to an acquaintance for a half krone.

Green Blanket

The narrator wraps all his possessions in this when he leaves his attic room. The protagonist eventually tries to sell it, only to discover it is worthless.

The Abandoned Tinsmith's Workshop

The narrator stays here when he has no money for rent. He...

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