Hunger Character Descriptions

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Unnamed Protagonist - He is a spectacled young man, a writer who cannot find a job. Ylayali says that she thinks he is insane, and the modern reader may wonder if he suffers from manic depression.

Ylayali - The protagonist makes up this name for a woman he runs into on the street. She believes the narrator to be a drunk. She is coy and sexual towards him.

Old Cripple Man with a Bundle - The protagonist is annoyed by him as he makes slow progress with a bundle in front of him, and he confronts him. He asks for money, which prompts the narrator to run off and pawn his waistcoat.

Hans Pauli Pettersen - He is a friend who owes the narrator money and never pays it back. The narrator has borrowed a blanket from him.

Scissors - He works at the newspaper. He is...

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