Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body Fun Activities

Gay, Roxane
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Movie Cast

Pretend you are a casting director and you are making a movie of Hunger. Write a list of the individuals named in the book and assign real actors to each role. Explain why you think each actor would be a good fit for the role, including references to their past work and their physical attributes.


Make a list of songs you think would reflect the mood and tone of Hunger. Share your list with your classmates.

Book Cover

Create an alternative book cover for Hunger. Choose one theme from the book and find an image or draw your own illustration reflecting that theme. Think about the inner book flaps and dust-jacket blurbs and write a brief summary of the book and a brief author biography.

Letter to Roxane Gay

Gay shares some of the most intimate and traumatic experiences of her life in Hunger and...

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