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This town is originally a village founded about 1810 by twenty-one individuals. Over the next several decades the town grows into a considerable urban center with many inhabitants. During its early years it exists in nearly complete isolation, but during the period discussed by the novel it begins to become integrated with the larger, national, society. The town is the principle setting for most of the novel.

The Gypsy Wonders

At several points in the novel, various bands of these visit Macondo and bring along various wonders from the outside world. Most of the wonders are recent scientific inventions which this group presents as foreign magic. For example, a block of ice is so novel and unanticipated that Josy Arcadio Buendna is literally stunned by the frozen water's presence.

Melqunades' Manuscript

Upon his final death, the gypsy Melqunades leaves this item in the Buendna house. For the next...

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