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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Charlie receive in the mail from Kathleen?

2. Who shows up unannounced at Charlie's door in Madrid?

3. What is Guido Stronson trying to do that has Rinaldo furious?

4. What happens to Roger while in Madrid?

5. Who does the Stronson's receptionist turn out to be?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Charlie fail to say anything when Renata tells him the operator at the Plaza called her Mrs. Citrine?

2. During Charlie's visit with Naomi, why does Naomi believe the two of them would never have made a lasting relationship together?

3. What is the state of Charlie's life and state of mind in Section 16 as he lives in Madrid?

4. How does Charlie's theory that some people have no use for their gifts and can think only of overcoming their weaknesses apply to Charlie and Humboldt?

5. According to Humboldt's letter to Charlie, why does Charlie figure so prominently in his obsessions?

6. How does Charlie explain his relationship with Roger to people abroad?

7. What are Charlie's and Julius's feelings about death?

8. What is Humboldt's Uncle Waldemar afraid that Charlie might do when he is given the envelope?

9. What are Renata's opinions about Charlie's thoughts about death?

10. Why does Naomi beg George to take her son with him to Africa?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Seeing Section 8 as an allegory of the struggle between the creatively motivated artist and a materialist social order, what is Charlie's great sin--the one that is likely to cost him his livelihood?

What is Charlie's worth as seen by society?

Consider all that has occurred in the judge's chambers.

Essay Topic 2

Consider Humboldt's Treatment that he left to Charlie.

1) What, if anything, might Charlie learn about himself from this story?

2) Why would Charlie think Humboldt wrote this story for him? Is it about the money?

Essay Topic 3

Renata marries Flonzaley without first informing Charlie. Describe Renata's reasoning for doing this. What is Charlie's reaction? Is he justified in his reaction?

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