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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Pierre Thaxter?

2. What film director did Humboldt admire?

3. In which decade did Von Humboldt Fleisher publish his book of ballads?

4. Who is Signor Caldofreddo?

5. How much money does Charlie lose at the poker game, including what he loses to Rinaldo?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Charlie is being told by Judge Urbanovich that he cannot be allowed to dabble in the middle class and then drop out, how does Charlie react?

2. Why does Charlie believe Americans have trouble keeping secrets?

3. How has Cantabile's attitude towards Charlie changed?

4. How do Charlie and Renata first get together?

5. Humboldt cashes in Charlie's "blood-brother" check. How is this done at a very bad time in Charlie's life?

6. What is the difference between Charlie's ex-wife, Denise, and his new girlfriend, Renata?

7. What does Canabile seem to want from Charlie other than help for his wife?

8. How does Charlie come to be blamed for Humboldt's admittance to Bellevue?

9. When Charlie returns to Chicago after ignoring Humboldt on the streets of New York, he tells Denise about the incident. What, in his story about being on the helicopter with Dr. Longstaff from the old days, is ironic?

10. Charlie Citrine, as an elderly man, looks for something along the curbs in Chicago. What does he search for and why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

A tenant at the Madrid pension, Rebecca, makes advances towards Charlie. What prevents Charlie from going along with her? How would she compare to the other women who have been in his life?

Essay Topic 2

Denise is Charlie's ex-wife. When explaining her feelings about Charlie's oldest friend, George Swiebel, she says, "George Swiebel is your billy goat." Explain what Denise meant by this statement and how it relates to Charlie.

Essay Topic 3

Seeing Section 8 as an allegory of the struggle between the creatively motivated artist and a materialist social order, what is Charlie's great sin--the one that is likely to cost him his livelihood?

What is Charlie's worth as seen by society?

Consider all that has occurred in the judge's chambers.

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