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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the subject of the master essay that Charlie has been writing for years?

2. Whose long boring dinners, as Djilas describes them, does Charlie think of?

3. What does Charlie want to do when Scaccia demands money from him on behalf of Humboldt?

4. Charlie ruminates over Humboldt's obituary which appears in which newspaper?

5. When Humboldt attacks Magnasco on the streets of New York, who saves the young fellow's life?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Humboldt's reaction when Charlie tells him that the Chair, Ricketts, cannot give Humboldt a Poetry Chair because of budgetary reasons?

2. How does Humboldt end up getting over six thousand dollars from Charlie after Charlie has a successful Broadway show?

3. What are Charlie's ideas concerning boredom?

4. Which of Charlie's family members does he briefly compare Langobardi to?

5. Why does Charlie continue to have a relationship with Pierre Thaxter?

6. Why does Charlie believe Americans have trouble keeping secrets?

7. When Charlie returns to Chicago after ignoring Humboldt on the streets of New York, he tells Denise about the incident. What, in his story about being on the helicopter with Dr. Longstaff from the old days, is ironic?

8. What is the difference between Charlie's ex-wife, Denise, and his new girlfriend, Renata?

9. Charlie Citrine, as an elderly man, looks for something along the curbs in Chicago. What does he search for and why?

10. What does meeting Naomi Lutz, Charlie's school-days' sweetheart, lead him to thoughts of?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In one conversation Charlie remembers having with Professor Scheldt, they discuss Steiner. Charlie wants to be sure he understands the notion that thought in his head is also thought in the external world. He remembers the theory being that consciousness in the self creates a false distinction between object and matter.

As an example, how does Charlie compare the physical body to the spirit, leading to death?

Essay Topic 2

In one of Charlie's conversations with Dr. Scheldt, he says, "Death is the dark backing that a mirror needs if we are to see anything."

What is the meaning of this statement?

How does the comparison of death and a mirror have special meaning to Charlie?

Essay Topic 3

What messages does the character in Section 7, Gaylord Koffritz, symbolize through small comedic scenarios?

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