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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Charlie's friend tell him that he should not give the man demanding $450 the money?
(a) The suit Charlie bought from him was a knock-off.
(b) The man is a racketeer.
(c) He cheated Charlie at poker.
(d) Charlie paid too much for a car he bought fom him.

2. What happens to Hildenfisch at the racquet ball club?
(a) He dies.
(b) Langobardi threatens him.
(c) He befriends Charlie.
(d) He wins at Cut-Throat.

3. In which decade did Von Humboldt Fleisher publish his book of ballads?
(a) The Thirties.
(b) The Fifties.
(c) The Twenties.
(d) The Forties.

4. When Humboldt and Kathleen visit Charlie after Humboldt had just given a reading at Yale, what does Kathleen intimate to Charlie she plans to do?
(a) Stay with Humboldt, no matter what he does to her.
(b) Have Humboldt murdered.
(c) Leave Humboldt.
(d) Get hold of Humboldt's money.

5. What is anthroposophy?
(a) The study of anthropods.
(b) The study of man's spiritual relationship to nature.
(c) A procedure done with a needle and scope.
(d) An orthopedists's assistant.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the private eye Humboldt hired?

2. How does Humboldt diagnose himself as a manic depressive?

3. Why does Charlie think Cantabile hopes to see George at the Baths?

4. What is the title of of Von Humboldt Fleisher's book of ballads?

5. Who is Pierre Thaxter?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Pierre Thaxter rush to get into Cantabile's car and forgo buying the fish knives he had set out to purchase?

2. How does Humboldt end up getting over six thousand dollars from Charlie after Charlie has a successful Broadway show?

3. When Charlie is being told by Judge Urbanovich that he cannot be allowed to dabble in the middle class and then drop out, how does Charlie react?

4. When Judge Urbanovich questions Charlie about his frequent trips to Europe, what does Charlie come to realize about Chicago and the judge?

5. Humboldt basically dies a failure in society's eyes. What, upon his death, brings him back to prominence?

6. Charlie goes to the Russian Baths to give Cantabile his money. What is Cantabile's demeanor like when he gets out of his car to meet Charlie outside the Baths?

7. Why does Charlie think of the Mozartian Italian Denise likes, "Tutto tutto gia si sa" (Everything, everything about me was known)?

8. Why does Humboldt tell Charlie that he wants Adlai Stevenson to win the election over Eisenhower?

9. How does Denise keep up-to-date on world news to prepare for a cultural evening at the White House?

10. What is Humboldt's reaction when Charlie tells him that the Chair, Ricketts, cannot give Humboldt a Poetry Chair because of budgetary reasons?

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