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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Huggins looking for Charlie?
(a) Humboldt had left him something.
(b) To arrest him.
(c) Tigler had him in his will.
(d) To give him a subpoena.

2. How much money does the Judge believe Charlie can afford to pay Denise each year?
(a) Two hundred thousand dollars.
(b) Twenty-five thousand dollars.
(c) Fifty thousand dollar.
(d) Thirty thousand dollars.

3. Charlie ruminates over Humboldt's obituary which appears in which newspaper?
(a) The Chicago Sun Times.
(b) The Washington Post.
(c) The New York Times.
(d) The Los Angeles Times.

4. What is the name of the private eye Humboldt hired?
(a) Hobbes.
(b) Scaccia.
(c) Magnasco.
(d) Boehme.

5. What happens to Hildenfisch at the racquet ball club?
(a) He befriends Charlie.
(b) He wins at Cut-Throat.
(c) He dies.
(d) Langobardi threatens him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Charlie enter a men's room stall as Srole is telling him what he can do to protect his money?

2. In which decade did Von Humboldt Fleisher publish his book of ballads?

3. Why does someone who calls Charlie in the middle of the night say that Charlie owes him $450?

4. Where is Charlie's family originally from?

5. What is the subject of the master essay that Charlie has been writing for years?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Charlie returns to Chicago after ignoring Humboldt on the streets of New York, he tells Denise about the incident. What, in his story about being on the helicopter with Dr. Longstaff from the old days, is ironic?

2. How is Humboldt acting towards Kathleen after he loses the poetry chair at Princeton?

3. Why does Pierre Thaxter rush to get into Cantabile's car and forgo buying the fish knives he had set out to purchase?

4. Charlie plays racquetball with Vito LangobardiIn, a big-time hoodlum. In what way is Charlie attached to Vito?

5. According to Humboldt, what is the only art intellectuals can be interested in?

6. What does Canabile seem to want from Charlie other than help for his wife?

7. What is Humboldt's reaction when Charlie tells him that the Chair, Ricketts, cannot give Humboldt a Poetry Chair because of budgetary reasons?

8. Why does Charlie believe Americans have trouble keeping secrets?

9. In what way is Scaccia, the detective, blackmailing Charlie?

10. What is the connection between Charlie's friend, George Swiebel, and Renata's former husband, Gaylord Koffritz?

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