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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Judge Urbanovich, what is Charlie's problem in this case?
(a) He is too poor.
(b) His ability to earn large sums.
(c) He lives in Chicago.
(d) He cannot get a divorce.

2. Whose long letters does Charlie read while waiting on jury duty?
(a) Pierre Thaxter's.
(b) Demmie's.
(c) Humboldt's.
(d) George Swiebell's.

3. In which decade did Von Humboldt Fleisher publish his book of ballads?
(a) The Fifties.
(b) The Twenties.
(c) The Thirties.
(d) The Forties.

4. Who does Cantabile bring with him to visit Charlie?
(a) His wife.
(b) His wife's friend from college.
(c) Renata.
(d) Denise.

5. Whose newspaper column does Charlie Citrine appear in according to Cantabile's early edition of the morning's paper?
(a) Avery Schriber's.
(b) Mike Schneiderman's.
(c) Mike LaSalle's.
(d) Mike Lucik's.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the title of Steiner's book of meditative exerciess?

2. According to Humboldt, who is America's great Manic Depressive?

3. Why does Humboldt say his mother used to send him to Chicago?

4. Who mentions the author, Rudolf Steiner, to Charlie?

5. Who is Orlando Huggins?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Charlie is being told by Judge Urbanovich that he cannot be allowed to dabble in the middle class and then drop out, how does Charlie react?

2. Humboldt basically dies a failure in society's eyes. What, upon his death, brings him back to prominence?

3. Humboldt used to accuse Charlie of trying to spend his whole life in the upper stories of higher consciousness. What is Humboldt's definition of higher consciousness?

4. Why does Charlie think of the Mozartian Italian Denise likes, "Tutto tutto gia si sa" (Everything, everything about me was known)?

5. In what way is Scaccia, the detective, blackmailing Charlie?

6. What does Canabile seem to want from Charlie other than help for his wife?

7. When Charlie returns to Chicago after ignoring Humboldt on the streets of New York, he tells Denise about the incident. What, in his story about being on the helicopter with Dr. Longstaff from the old days, is ironic?

8. What does Humboldt believe Kathleen's father did to her to keep her away from Humboldt?

9. How is Humboldt acting towards Kathleen after he loses the poetry chair at Princeton?

10. When Judge Urbanovich questions Charlie about his frequent trips to Europe, what does Charlie come to realize about Chicago and the judge?

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