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Humboldt's Gift can be said to be a travelogue of this American city. The author clearly loves this city he has chosen as Charlie's birthplace and childhood home.

Chicago TB Sanatorium

Charlie is confined to the public children's ward in this place. The scenes here shape Charlie's life-long preoccupation with the nature of death.

New York City

This place is Humboldt's home turf. It is where he finally succumbs to his madness and dies.

Greenwich Village

The center of art and literature for Marxists and artists, this place is Charlie's intellectual playground with Humboldt during their first happy days. Here they drink cheap red wine and espresso, seduce women, attract hangers-on and expound through the night on all topics intellectual.

Long Island Countryside

This is where Humboldt lives with his wife, Kathleen. It is where Humboldt's dementia really begins to take hold.

Pulitzer Prize

Charlie wins this...

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