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Lesson 1 (from Section 1, Through p. 34)


Section 1, Through p. 34

Humboldt has a certain type of relationship with his wife, Kathleen. This has a lot to do with their personality differences. This lesson will explore that relationship.


1. Class Discussion: Discuss with the class Kathleen's looks and personality in general. How does she act with Humboldt? How would one describe her personality type? Next, discuss Humboldt's personality. How does he treat Kathleen and what does he expect from her?

2. Writing Assignment: Choose either Kathleen or Humboldt to write about. Describe that person's personality with as much detail as possible.

3. Peer Discussion: Referring to the previous writing assignment, gather into assigned groups to discuss Humboldt's and Kathleen's personalities. Explain how their relationship works or does not work. Why? Be prepared to defend your position.

4. Homework: Choose one aspect of Humboldt's personality and explain how it is different from Kathleen's, yet the relationship flourished. Write...

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