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Essay Topic 1

Denise is Charlie's ex-wife. When explaining her feelings about Charlie's oldest friend, George Swiebel, she says, "George Swiebel is your billy goat." Explain what Denise meant by this statement and how it relates to Charlie.

Essay Topic 2

Charlie's car is nearly destroyed, and he is furious with Cantabile. Why does Charlie relent and decide to give Cantabile the $450 the man says Charlie owes him when Charlie was told that Cantabile and his cousin cheated at poker? Delve into Charlie's personality and those around him.

Essay Topic 3

When Charlie meets Cantabile at the Russian Baths, Cantabile intends to either hurt or humiliate Charlie. At the end of this section, Cantabile takes a different approach with Charlie.

Has Cantabile's need for Charlie's help changed his relationship with him?

What does Cantabile expect from Charlie in terms of a social relationship of any kind?

Should Charlie, in your opinion...

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