Humboldt's Gift Character Descriptions

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Charlie Citrine

This person is the central character of Humboldt's Gift, as well as the narrator. Much of the action in the novel takes place in this person's mind in the form of memories, speculations, and flashbacks.

Von Humboldt Fleischer

This person is a New Yorker and becomes someone's mentor during the Greenwich Village days. This character dies in a New York hotel, destitute.

George Swiebel

This character is something of a guru to a neurotic essayist and playwright.

Rinaldo Cantabile

This character is a low-level crime figure.

Pierre Thaxter

This character plans to publish a sophisticated, art-oriented periodical called the Ark, intended to rescue America from the drought of artistic expression that must necessarily come from the victory of Eisenhower over Stevenson.


Young, beautiful, and lusty, this character is a self-confessed gold-digger whose aim is to marry money.


This character is a devoted spouse to...

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