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Section 1, Through p. 34

• Charlie Citrine writes to poet, Von Humboldt Fleisher, who invites him to visit in New York.

• The two become great friends.

• Humboldt is manic depressive.

• Humboldt marries Kathleen and moves to New Jersey.

• Citrine is living with Kimmie, who Humboldt has an affinity for.
• Humboldt is a great fan of Adlai Stevenson.

• Citrine gets a job at Princeton due to a connection Humboldt has.

• Humboldt ends up dying destitute of a heart attack at a New York hotel.

Section 2, Through p. 63

• Charlie finds his Mercedes-Benz busted up by someone with a baseball bat.

• He assumes it is Rinaldo Cantabile. Cantabile won at poker. When Charlie is told by his friend, George, that Cantabile was cheating, he puts a stop on the check.
• Cantabile arranges to meet Charlie at The Baths to get the money Charlie owes him.

• Charlie tries to warn George not to go...

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