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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Vinny suspect Mr. Rice of doing?

2. How do girls find Isobel's brother?

3. Why is Gordon troubled?

4. What happens to Lady Fairfax one day?

5. What does Lady Fairfax give Francis Fairfax?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the signs that Vinny is a poor caregiver for the children?

2. How is Mr. Rice presented in a less-than-favorable narrative?

3. Who is Audrey, and how does her father treat her?

4. What business does Charlotte run and what are her long term intentions?

5. How do Charlotte and Vinny treat Eliza and what is her response?

6. What does Isobel, the narrator at the beginning of the novel, discuss in the first part of the novel?

7. Describe the interaction between Gordon and his two young children after Gordon returns from the woods.

8. Describe how Charles and Isobel are born.

9. Where is Audrey's mother and how has her mother impacted Audrey and Charles' life?

10. What are the circumstances surrounding Charlotte's death?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

"Human Croquet" is a post-modern historical fiction. Discuss the following:

1. Define the word "genre" in the context of literary criticism.

2. Why do you think fiction is categorized by genre?

3. Does it help to know how a book is categorized as to its genre before reading it? Explain.

4. Post-modern historical fiction is often considered difficult to understand by many readers. What is your take on "Human Croquet" as far as ease of reading? Explain your answer with examples.

5. What is your favorite genre and why.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss one of the following:

1. Thoroughly analyze how the setting informs the plot in "Human Croquet".

2. Trace and analyze one major theme of "Human Croquet". How is the theme represented by symbolism? By the characters' behaviors? By the action?

3. Trace and analyze two secondary themes of "Human Croquet". How are the themes represented by symbolism? By the characters' behaviors? By the action?

Essay Topic 3

Many readers of fiction place themselves in the position of one character, wondering if they would do the same thing as that character. Discuss the following:

1. Do you think one of the values of literature is to serve as a reflection of oneself? Why or why not?

2. Socrates said "Know thyself." How can reading a book such as "Human Croquet" help a reader to know him/herself? Do you find yourself reflecting on your own character and abilities when reading "Human Croquet"? Why or why not.

3. Choose one specific incident in the book to discuss and compare Isobel's response to that of two other characters, and to how you think you would respond.

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