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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through V. Untitled: Backward People.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Charlotte want Gordon to do when he finishes school?
(a) Go into law.
(b) Run for parliament.
(c) Go to medical school.
(d) Take over the family grocery business.

2. How is the play Isobel attends?
(a) The play does not take place.
(b) Bad even by amateur standards.
(c) About average for amateurs.
(d) Quite good for amateurs.

3. What does Gordon give Eliza for Christmas one year?
(a) A new car.
(b) A diamond necklace.
(c) A gold ring with emerals and diamonds.
(d) A trip to her native Australia.

4. What occurs in Fairfax Manor in 1582?
(a) Nothing, as it is not yet built.
(b) A fire destroys the manor.
(c) The Queen visits.
(d) He is elected mayor.

5. Where does Gordon meet Eliza?
(a) When he rescues her from a bombed building.
(b) When he goes to a polo match after WWII.
(c) At the opera.
(d) When he is imprisoned in Germany in WWII.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Francis Fairfax's main occupation?

2. What is the date of the setting of the novel?

3. What does Vinny want Isobel to get her?

4. What does Eliza do when she goes into labor with Isobel?

5. What does the Fairfax family buy in the 20th century?

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