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This is the name of the town where Isobel lives.


This is the name of the Fairfax's house.


This is the name of the Baxter's house.

The Home Entertainer

This is the name of a book of party games.

Boscrambe Woods

Many important events take place in this outdoors area.

Lover's Leap

Malcolm and Isobel sometimes go to this place in his car.


This is the name for an area of London where Gordon rescues Eliza from a bombed house.

Ye Olde Sunne Inne

At this location, Isobel encounters a time warp and possibly meets a young William Shakespeare.

Streets of Trees

This is what Isobel calls her neighborhood.

Fairfax Manor

In the twentieth century, it is the location of the houses on what Isobel calls Streets of Trees.

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