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Lythe - This is the name of the town where Isobel lives.

Arden - This is the name of the Fairfax's house.

Sithean - This is the name of the Baxter's house.

The Home Entertainer - This is the name of a book of party games.

Boscrambe Woods - Many important events take place in this outdoors area.

Lover's Leap - Malcolm and Isobel sometimes go to this place in his car.

Knightsbridge - This is the name for an area of London where Gordon rescues Eliza from a bombed house.

Ye Olde Sunne Inne - At this location, Isobel encounters a time warp and possibly meets a young William Shakespeare.

Streets of Trees - This is what Isobel calls her neighborhood.

Fairfax Manor - In the twentieth century, it is the location of the houses on what Isobel calls Streets of Trees.

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