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Poster about Lythe, England

Create a poster giving all the basic information about Lythe, England. Include how a traveler would get to this village.

Clues to Eliza's Whereabouts

Assemble all the clues about Eliza, and play detective to figure out what most likely happened to her.

Alien Movie

Create an outline for a movie about alien abductions that Charles might produce. Choose current actors to play the main roles. Say why you choose a particular actor for a particular role.

Alternate Realities

Create one alternate reality you might be interested in living in. Describe the reality and why you would like it. Do the same for an alternate reality that you would not like.

Ideal Party

Write up a description of an ideal party which you think Isobel would enjoy attending.

Travel Brochure

Plan a trip to England, and create a travel brochure to illustrate what you will...

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