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Essay Topic 1

"Human Croquet" is a post-modern historical fiction. Discuss the following:

1. Define the word "genre" in the context of literary criticism.

2. Why do you think fiction is categorized by genre?

3. Does it help to know how a book is categorized as to its genre before reading it? Explain.

4. Post-modern historical fiction is often considered difficult to understand by many readers. What is your take on "Human Croquet" as far as ease of reading? Explain your answer with examples.

5. What is your favorite genre and why.

Essay Topic 2

"Human Croquet" takes place in and about London, England in the 1960s with some flashbacks to other eras.

1. How do you think the cultural milieu of a small English village informs the plot of "Human Croquet". Explain.

2. Discuss the lives of Isobel and her social group in light of the class structure in England at the time of "Human Croquet...

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