Human Croquet Character Descriptions

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Isobel Fairfax - An English teenager with an impressive intellect and a hilarious sense of humor.

Eliza Fairfax; a.k.a. Esme de Breville, Violet Angela Potter - She is first constructed as a mysterious person with no family roots.

Charles Fairfax - He laments his short stature and Isobel worries about him ever finding a girlfriend because he is so unattractive.

Gordon Fairfax - He is by nature a kind person but is at times too passive.

Debbie Fairfax - She meets and marries another character while he is in New Zealand.

Vinny Fairfax - She spends most of her long life living as a spinster in Arden and often making others' lives miserable.

Charlotte Fairfax - This character's hatred and constant criticism of Eliza causes marital troubles.

Sir Francis Fairfax - This character gained the favor of Queen Elizabeth and built a mansion on a...

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