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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Sampath win over the monkeys who arrive at the orchard?
(a) By feeding them fruit.
(b) By playing games with them.
(c) By ignoring them.
(d) By mimicking their behavior and sounds.

2. Why is Kulfi worried about Sampath in Chapter 22?
(a) He is no longer talking to anyone.
(b) He has quit eating.
(c) He will miss his monkeys.
(d) She can see that he is sad.

3. Where have the monkeys raided in Chapter 21 looking for liquor?
(a) The university’s cafeteria.
(b) A retired Judge’s residence.
(c) The Downtown Café and Bar.
(d) The former Chawla’s residence.

4. What do the police do when they find out Sampath is Pinky’s brother?
(a) The let her go.
(b) They joke about her brother with her.
(c) They call a psychiatrist.
(d) They decide insanity runs in the family.

5. What do the two factions who oppose each other about the monkeys do?
(a) Sue and counter-sue each other.
(b) Meet at the supreme court to settle the issue.
(c) Begin to throw sticks at each other.
(d) Settle themselves at the base of Sampath’s tree.

6. In Chapter 16, what is bothering Sampath that is coming soon?
(a) Christmas.
(b) The summer.
(c) The sale of the orchard.
(d) The monsoon.

7. What is Sampath doing with Pinky in Chapter 16?
(a) Trying to console her.
(b) Teaching her how to talk with monkeys.
(c) Showing her how to sleep in a tree.
(d) Finding her a husband.

8. What does the new secretary tell the person who arrives in town at the beginning of Chapter 20?
(a) No one knows what to do with the orchard.
(b) The town needs someone to take charge if the situation.
(c) Sampath living in the orchard must stop.
(d) The monkey controversy is terrible business.

9. What does Miss Jyotsna think about the monkeys?
(a) She has no opinion about the monkeys.
(b) She believes they are a danger.
(c) She defends the monkeys.
(d) She thinks they might be all right.

10. What will Sampath have to do in Chapter 21 in order to get rid of the monkeys?
(a) No talk to people for three days.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Help fool the monkeys.
(d) Come down from the tree.

11. What does Pinky’s note make Hungry Hop boy think?
(a) She is slightly insane.
(b) She should live in the trees with her brother.
(c) She may be his true love.
(d) She is not too bad of a criminal.

12. Why does Mr. Chawla go to see a town official?
(a) To have the orchard deeded over to Sampath.
(b) To have something done about the monkeys.
(c) To ask about a building permit.
(d) To find a husband for Pinky.

13. What does the note from the Hungry Hop boy to Pinky contain in Chapter 23?
(a) His sisters’ plans.
(b) His pledge of undying love.
(c) It tells her to stay away from his house.
(d) His schedule for the ice cream van.

14. What do the monkeys do with the pots and pans in the compound?
(a) Bury them.
(b) Leave them alone.
(c) Throw them all over.
(d) Put them in the river.

15. How does the Hungry Hop boy get the note to Pinky in Chapter 23?
(a) With the milkman.
(b) His dog carries it to her.
(c) With his best friend.
(d) With the mail carrier.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the atheist spy do when Pinky stabs him with her hairpin?

2. What does Mr. Chawla propose about the monkeys?

3. What is the Brigadier doing to help with the plan in Chapter 22?

4. How are the monkeys behaving in Chapter 16?

5. Where is one of Sampath’s pictures published?

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