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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sampath do about the monkeys in Chapter 15?
(a) He hits the lead monkey over the head.
(b) He lectures them on their behavior.
(c) He feeds them with food filled with alcohol.
(d) He tells them to go away.

2. Why do the monkeys go to the bazaar?
(a) To find some ice cream.
(b) To pull the saris off of women.
(c) To find more alcoholic drinks.
(d) To see is there are any more monkeys there.

3. Why is Kulfi worried about Sampath in Chapter 22?
(a) He is no longer talking to anyone.
(b) He will miss his monkeys.
(c) He has quit eating.
(d) She can see that he is sad.

4. Why is the town official Mr. Chawla sees irritated at Mr. Chawla?
(a) Mr. Chawla is pushing his daughter at him.
(b) Mr. Chawla is rude and loud.
(c) Mr. Chawla has no authority about the orchard.
(d) The official does not want anything built in the orchard.

5. What does Pinky decide to do as she watches the monkeys in Chapter 11?
(a) Get to know the monkeys.
(b) Stay away from the orchard.
(c) Dress nicely and look for the Hungry Hop boy.
(d) Start to live in the tree next to the one in which Sampath lives.

6. Why does Kulfi cook less now that the monkeys are there?
(a) She thinks it is too dirty in the area.
(b) She is afraid of what her food will do to the monkeys.
(c) Sampath is eating less of her food and more of the monkeys’ food.
(d) She is afraid they will invade her pots.

7. What does Pinky asks Sampath in Chapter 23?
(a) If he plans to live in the orchard the rest of his life.
(b) If he plans to go to the mountains.
(c) If he will come down from the tree for her wedding.
(d) If he wants to go to another town with her.

8. Who arrives in town at the beginning of Chapter 20?
(a) India’s president.
(b) The governor.
(c) The District Collector.
(d) A zoologist.

9. What does the new secretary tell the person who arrives in town at the beginning of Chapter 20?
(a) The town needs someone to take charge if the situation.
(b) The monkey controversy is terrible business.
(c) Sampath living in the orchard must stop.
(d) No one knows what to do with the orchard.

10. What does Pinky decide to write about to Hungry Hop boy?
(a) How she would not bite him again if he would speak to her.
(b) How her brother lives in a tree.
(c) How they have known each other since they were children.
(d) How she was not charged with a crime.

11. What plan does the Brigadier decide will solve the monkey problem?
(a) He does not have a plan.
(b) Have the people cleared out of the orchard and a plane dust the area with poison.
(c) Have a firing squad continually shoot their guns off at the orchard.
(d) Have sharp shooters kill the monkeys from a distance.

12. What makes the monkeys go out of control in Chapter 13?
(a) They eat hallucinogenic mushrooms.
(b) They eat some of Kulfi’s cooking.
(c) They discover they like rum.
(d) Someone throws a rock at them and kills one of them.

13. How does the Hungry Hop Boy feel when he thinks of Pinky in Chapter 16?
(a) Curious.
(b) Interested.
(c) Happy.
(d) Fearful.

14. Why is Verma’s plan rejected?
(a) No one wants to leave the orchard alone for two weeks.
(b) People want Sampath to stay where he is.
(c) It is too unsanitary and violent.
(d) No one wants to burn so many trees.

15. Who hits the Hungry Hop boy’s van?
(a) One of his sisters.
(b) The monkey hunters.
(c) Mr. Chawla.
(d) No one.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the atheist spy do when Pinky stabs him with her hairpin?

2. In Chapter 16, what is bothering Sampath that is coming soon?

3. What do the monkeys do when the photographer is in the tree?

4. What does Hungry Hop boy begin giving Pinky?

5. What does Miss Jyotsna think about the monkeys?

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