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T. Harry Williams
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 25-26, pg. 702-762.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Huey opposed the ratification of a treaty regarding which body of water?
(a) Panama Canal.
(b) St. Lawrence Waterway.
(c) Lake Pontchartrain.
(d) Mississippi River.

2. How did the people of Louisiana show their disapproval of Huey's support of the issue in #136?
(a) They bombed his house.
(b) They deflated his car tires.
(c) They wrote letters to the editor.
(d) They threw tomatoes and eggs at him.

3. What was the main purpose of Huey's newspaper?
(a) To provide progress reports.
(b) To get him elected to the Senate.
(c) A fundraising vehicle.
(d) A propaganda vehicle.

4. How old was Huey Long when he became governor?
(a) 54.
(b) 66.
(c) 29.
(d) 35.

5. In what year did Huey quit high school?
(a) 1922.
(b) 1899.
(c) 1910.
(d) 1954.

Short Answer Questions

1. Huey eventually began a movement to _______________.

2. What was the big case that influenced Huey's career over the next few years?

3. Huey would only talk to reporters from __________________.

4. For what act did Huey offer Harley money and immunity?

5. Many people characterized Huey as _______________.

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