Objects & Places from Huey Long

T. Harry Williams
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This was the area of Louisiana where the Long family farm was located.

Baton Rouge

This is a city in southern Louisiana.


This is a city in Tennessee where Huey worked as a salesman and where he married Rose.

New Orleans

This is the city in Louisiana where Huey and Rose lived while Huey studied law.


This is the city in southwestern Texas where the 1928 Democratic Convention was held.

Louisiana State University

This is an institution of higher learning located outside Baton Rouge.

Washington, D.C.

This is the capital of the United States.


This is a major city in Illinois and the site of the 1932 Democratic Convention.


This is a southern state north of Louisiana where Huey campaigned for a fellow female politician.

New York City

This is where the Roosevelt campaign headquarters was located during the 1932 presidential election.

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