Daily Lessons for Teaching Huey Long

T. Harry Williams
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-2, pgs. 3-46)


Chapters 1-2, pgs. 3-46

The author sets up the beginning of Huey Long's rise to power by introducing a little of his background. The objective of this lesson is to learn more about Huey Long as a man before becoming a politician.


1. Lead the class in a discussion about Huey Long. What did the students know about Huey Long before reading this book? What do they know about Huey Long now? Why was Huey Long destined for greatness? What were Huey's character traits that would make him an influential man? Do the students think Huey was a great visionary, leader, or both?

2. Divide the class into small groups and have them research more about Huey's life prior to his becoming Governor and Senator from Louisiana. Have them prepare PowerPoint presentations to be shared with the rest of the class to compare and contrast information discovered...

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