Huey Long Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

T. Harry Williams
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Chapters 1-2, pgs. 3-46

• Huey Long was a very charismatic man who became famous for tackling big corporations from his position on the Public Service Commission in the mid-1920s.

• Huey became the governor of Louisiana in 1928 at the age of thirty-five.

• Huey set out to destroy the hierarchy of the opposition and created his own through patronage that led to his control of the Louisiana government.
• Huey won a seat in the U.S. Senate in 1930 but did not go to Washington until 1932 after he had totally consolidated his power base in Louisiana.

• Despite Huey initially supporting Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt eventually regarded him as a foe, fearing Huey's political power and mass appeal.

• Huey was one of fourteen children in the Long family, which was originally from Mississippi and which moved to Winn parish, Louisiana in 1859. They then moved to Tunica, Louisiana.

• Huey met Harley Bozeman...

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