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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Huck say in Chapter 32 that he needs to make a trip to town?
(a) To collect money.
(b) To meet another steamboat.
(c) To exercise the horse.
(d) To collect his baggage.

2. From the list below, select the set of character traits Tom Sawyer is shown to have, as shown in Chapter 34.
(a) Untrustworthy, attractive, serious, risk-taking, brave.
(b) Imaginative, brave, true to his word, innovative, romantic.
(c) Innovative, easily led, amoral, gullible.
(d) Practical, slippery, easily led, sly, romantic.

3. Why was it ineffective to set the dogs on the gang in Chapter 40?
(a) The dogs knew the boys and Jim.
(b) The boys and Jim crossed water and put them off the scent.
(c) The boys fed the dogs a sleeping drug.
(d) The boys and Jim had too much of a head start.

4. In what way does Jim think his prophecy of riches has been fulfilled?
(a) He has received $40 from Tom.
(b) He is confirmed as having great friends, and that is riches indeed.
(c) He experienced an epiphany in the prison room and considers that as riches.
(d) He is to receive a regular income stream.

5. How does Huck re-enter the house in Chapter 34?
(a) Through a side window.
(b) Through the front door
(c) By climbing the lightning rod.
(d) Through the back door.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 29, how does the King claim he arrived in the town?

2. Which animal does Tom suggest Jim might tame?

3. Where do Huck and Tom obtain a wire rat trap?

4. Who is Aunt Sally's sister?

5. What is the problem with Jim keeping a journal?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Tom overreach himself in his elaborate construction of fantasy in Chapter 39?

2. How does Huck feel when he glimpses the King and the Duke rowing fast towards the raft in Chapter 29?

3. What final absurdity does Tom attempt in Chapter 40?

4. How do the events of Chapter 37 continue to sustain Twain's satirical purpose?

5. How does Aunt Sally respond to Huck's information about the way the boys entered and exited via the lightning rod?

6. Comment on Tom's proposed plans to recompense and appease Jim, who has suffered the most from Tom's absurd endeavors.

7. When responding Chapter 42, what conclusion is it possible to make concerning a romantic view of the world?

8. Comment on the way in which Tom and Huck confuse the slave who is guarding Jim.

9. Is there any way in which Tom Sawyer's character appears a little unpleasant at this point in the novel (by Chapter 35)?

10. How does Huck intend to deal with the problem of the arrival of the real Tom Sawyer?

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