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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Mrs. Hotchkiss's opinion of Jim?
(a) That he is crazy.
(b) That he is intelligent.
(c) That he is an interesting character.
(d) That he is bad-tempered.

2. What excuse does Huck give the King for his flight from the cemetery?
(a) He needed to get away from the crowds.
(b) He was worried about Joanna and wanted to find her.
(c) He was worried about Jim all alone on the raft.
(d) He claims he was warned he could be hanged.

3. Why is Jim initially confused about getting a coat-of-arms?
(a) He doesn't believe people should bear arms.
(b) He thinks it's clothing.
(c) He thinks he might have to pay for it.
(d) He already has one.

4. What does Huck confess to Aunt Sally in Chapter 41?
(a) That he and Tom had escaped via the lightning rod.
(b) That he had stolen chickens when traveling on the raft.
(c) That he had worn her dress.
(d) That he had played pranks on Jim.

5. What is Tom's reaction when he hears that there are men with guns after the gang?
(a) He is excited and energized.
(b) He is terrified and questions the wisdom of the enterprize.
(c) He says they have gone too far and are in danger of being killed.
(d) He is very nervous but determined to press on.

Short Answer Questions

1. What distance has Aunt Polly traveled to check up on Tom?

2. In Chapter 35, what does Tom instruct Huck to do?

3. How many mottoes does Tom devise for Jim's coat-of-arms?

4. According to Tom, how long did the Marseilles prisoner take to dig out, and where did he emerge?

5. At what point do Huck and Tom enter Jim's cabin?

Short Essay Questions

1. How has the situation escalated by Chapter 40?

2. What steps in Huck's journey to maturity are dealt with Chapter 31?

3. Account for the way the townspeople now view Jim as some sort of lunatic in Chapter 41.

4. What techniques does Twain employ Chapter 35 to create humor?

5. In what way does Huck get more than he's bargained for at the Phelps farm?

6. Who is made a scapegoat in the matter of the spoons and the rats?

7. What final absurdity does Tom attempt in Chapter 40?

8. What happens to expose the King's lie about his arrival in the town?

9. Comment upon the serious layer of meaning in the escapade to free Jim.

10. By Chapter 38, what is Jim's attitude to the efforts being made on his behalf?

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