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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Huck dress as a servant girl?
(a) So that he won't be noticed as he delivers letters.
(b) The clothing won't fit Tom himself.
(c) Tom persuades him to adopt this disguise to spy out information in the village.
(d) Tom persuades him that the anonymous letters must be delivered by a servant girl.

2. What suggests that Jim is only playing along with the two boys in their outrageous escape plan?
(a) He humors them by going along with the silly, romantic nonsense.
(b) He can unshackle himself at will.
(c) He has told another slave about the escapade.
(d) He threatens to leave if he has to put himself in physical danger.

3. Why is Aunt Sally cross in Chapter 37?
(a) She can't find her apron.
(b) Nobody remembered to chop wood.
(c) She can't find a shirt belonging to Uncle Silas.
(d) The stove has gone out.

4. What is the slave guard afraid of?
(a) Silas Phelps.
(b) Witches.
(c) Being deprived of food.
(d) Jim.

5. What does Jim throw out the window in Chapter 37?
(a) The witch pie.
(b) A tin plate.
(c) The rope ladder.
(d) His vittles.

6. According to Tom, how long did the Marseilles prisoner take to dig out, and where did he emerge?
(a) Two hours to dig through to the prison kitchen.
(b) Thirty-seven years to dig his way to China.
(c) Thirty-seven years to dig in a circle around the prison and arrive where he started.
(d) Thirty-nine years to dig his way to China.

7. Why does Huck think he has no money left?
(a) He imagines his father has obtained the money from Judge Thatcher and spent it all on drink.
(b) He's had to pay for damage to the steam-boat that ran over the raft.
(c) His father has probably stolen it.
(d) Judge Thatcher has not invested it wisely.

8. For what reason is Peter Wilks' body to be exhumed?
(a) To retrieve the money bag from the coffin.
(b) To see if there is a tattoo on his knee.
(c) To see if there is a tattoo on his chest.
(d) To be utterly certain they have buried the right man in the right grave.

9. What is the problem with Jim being imprisoned in a log cabin?
(a) There is no rock on which he can trace his coat-of-arms.
(b) It is easy for others to hear what is going on inside it.
(c) There is nowhere for Huck and Tom to hide should someone come by.
(d) It is very cold there at night.

10. Where does Huck hide the raft in Chapter 31?
(a) At a woody island in the river.
(b) On the other side of the river.
(c) On Jackson's Island.
(d) Under the sawmill's landing-stage.

11. How does Huck explain Tom's wound to the doctor in Chapter 41?
(a) He claims a bandit did the deed.
(b) He claims that Tom slipped and fell and the gun discharged.
(c) He explains that Tom was cleaning the gun when it discharged.
(d) He says Tom kicked a gun in his sleep, during a dream..

12. What does Huck think is "the lonesomest sound in the whole world"?
(a) The hum of a spinning-wheel.
(b) The cry of a whippoorwill.
(c) The lapping of water at midnight.
(d) The baying of hounds.

13. How does Huck describe the Spanish moss he sees?
(a) "Like long green beards."
(b) "Like long gray beards."
(c) "Like prayer shawls."
(d) "Like lonely nuns."

14. Who is Aunt Sally's sister?
(a) Huck's aunt.
(b) Miss Wilks.
(c) Tom's mother.
(d) Miss Watson.

15. What is Aunt Sally doing when Huck again escapes down the lightning rod?
(a) Sleeping.
(b) Baking bread.
(c) Mending her torn dress.
(d) Having a loud argument with Uncle Silas.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mrs. Hotchkiss's opinion of Jim?

2. Which animal does Tom suggest Jim might tame?

3. Who dresses in Aunt Sally's clothes in Chapter 40?

4. According to Tom, what is the problem with Jim's captivity?

5. What excuse does Huck give the King for his flight from the cemetery?

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