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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Tom, how long did the Marseilles prisoner take to dig out, and where did he emerge?
(a) Two hours to dig through to the prison kitchen.
(b) Thirty-seven years to dig in a circle around the prison and arrive where he started.
(c) Thirty-nine years to dig his way to China.
(d) Thirty-seven years to dig his way to China.

2. What prevents Jim from being hanged?
(a) Pleas from Huck and Tom.
(b) Compassion.
(c) Convenience.
(d) Financial considerations - they'd have to pay his owner for him.

3. What doesn't Tom Sawyer like about Huck's plan for releasing Jim?
(a) It is too simple.
(b) It will result in too much noise.
(c) It is too complicated.
(d) It is dangerous.

4. What does Jim throw out the window in Chapter 37?
(a) The witch pie.
(b) The rope ladder.
(c) A tin plate.
(d) His vittles.

5. What does the Duke threaten to do to the King if he lies again?
(a) To tar and feather him.
(b) To strip him and push him overboard.
(c) To drown him.
(d) To take his whiskey away from him.

6. How does Huck describe the Spanish moss he sees?
(a) "Like prayer shawls."
(b) "Like lonely nuns."
(c) "Like long gray beards."
(d) "Like long green beards."

7. What injury has the real William Wilks sustained?
(a) A laceration to his foot.
(b) A cut to the forehead.
(c) A broken arm.
(d) A broken elbow.

8. How does the doctor rate Huck as a liar?
(a) Very creative at it.
(b) Poorly.
(c) He is unaware that Huck is telling lies.
(d) Excellently.

9. In Chapter 32, who does Huck say gave him breakfast?
(a) A generous passenger on the steamboat.
(b) The steamboat Captain.
(c) A nearby farmer.
(d) A lady at the steamboat landing.

10. What distance has Aunt Polly traveled to check up on Tom?
(a) Two hundred miles.
(b) Eleven miles.
(c) Five hundred miles.
(d) Eleven hundred miles.

11. How had Tom planned to compensate Jim for the problems he caused him?
(a) To organize a concert in his honor.
(b) To give him a job scouting in Indian territory.
(c) To buy a house for him, his wife and children.
(d) To have further river adventures and have a brass band procession.

12. How does Huck explain Tom's wound to the doctor in Chapter 41?
(a) He claims that Tom slipped and fell and the gun discharged.
(b) He says Tom kicked a gun in his sleep, during a dream..
(c) He claims a bandit did the deed.
(d) He explains that Tom was cleaning the gun when it discharged.

13. How did the King obtain the money to get drunk?
(a) He had kept some of the Wilks family's money.
(b) He robbed a house.
(c) He sold Jim as a runaway slave.
(d) He stole from an old woman.

14. What does Aunt Sally think is wrong with Huck in Chapter 40?
(a) He has brain fever.
(b) He has influenza.
(c) He has sleep deprivation.
(d) He has been eating jimson weed.

15. In Chapter 29, how does the King claim he arrived in the town?
(a) On the Beagle from Darwin.
(b) On the Susan Powell from Cincinnati.
(c) On the Beagle from New Orleans.
(d) On the Susan Powell from St. Paul.

Short Answer Questions

1. What secret does Jim reveal at the end of the book?

2. For what reason is Peter Wilks' body to be exhumed?

3. In what way does Jim think his prophecy of riches has been fulfilled?

4. According to Tom, how do prisoners always water their plants?

5. How soon do the King and the Duke make up their quarrel in Chapter 30?

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