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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Huck, what delayed his steamer?
(a) It ran aground.
(b) It was held up by bad weather.
(c) It had to circle around to pick up a passenger who'd fallen overboard.
(d) It blew a cylinder head.

2. Who works out that Jim is confined in the ash hopper?
(a) Tom Sawyer.
(b) Huck Finn.
(c) Silas Marner.
(d) Harney Shepherdson.

3. Why didn't Huck mind Uncle Silas' long blessing?
(a) He had taken a great liking to Uncle Silas.
(b) The food was so good.
(c) He didn't listen.
(d) He was becoming religious.

4. Who dresses in Aunt Sally's clothes in Chapter 40?
(a) Tom.
(b) Aunt Sally.
(c) Jim.
(d) Huck.

5. What is Mrs. Hotchkiss's opinion of Jim?
(a) That he is intelligent.
(b) That he is bad-tempered.
(c) That he is an interesting character.
(d) That he is crazy.

6. Why is Silas Phelps scared?
(a) He thinks something dreadful has happened to the boat.
(b) He has been to the Nonsuch and doesn't want Sally to find out.
(c) He has received a stern letter from his bank manager.
(d) He thinks he has an illness.

7. What does the Duke threaten to do to the King if he lies again?
(a) To tar and feather him.
(b) To take his whiskey away from him.
(c) To strip him and push him overboard.
(d) To drown him.

8. What does the King do after his confession?
(a) He retired to the wigwam with a bottle.
(b) He goes for a cleansing swim, symbolic of beginning a new life.
(c) He tells jokes till everyone is asleep.
(d) He cries.

9. What is the problem with Jim keeping a journal?
(a) They are too far from the shops to buy one.
(b) He cannot write.
(c) He has no pen.
(d) He will lose it.

10. What kind of enterprise does the Phelps family have?
(a) A chicken farm.
(b) A cotton plantation.
(c) They run cattle.
(d) A hog farm.

11. Why is Huck "mighty thankful to the old doctor"?
(a) Because he spoke up for Jim.
(b) For helping to hide Tom from the men and dogs.
(c) For listening to what Jim had to say.
(d) Because he didn't amputate Tom's leg.

12. What distance has Aunt Polly traveled to check up on Tom?
(a) Eleven hundred miles.
(b) Eleven miles.
(c) Two hundred miles.
(d) Five hundred miles.

13. What secret does Jim reveal at the end of the book?
(a) That Huck's father was the dead man inside the floating house.
(b) That he is really an African prince and can reward all of them.
(c) That there is more money hidden on the raft.
(d) That Huck's father shot two of the Grangerfords.

14. According to Tom, what is the problem with Jim's captivity?
(a) Getting across the moat.
(b) Difficulties could make it impossible to achieve.
(c) Difficulties have to be invented.
(d) Getting past the other slaves.

15. What prevents Jim from being hanged?
(a) Financial considerations - they'd have to pay his owner for him.
(b) Compassion.
(c) Convenience.
(d) Pleas from Huck and Tom.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who built Silas Phelps' church?

2. At what point do Huck and Tom enter Jim's cabin?

3. How had Tom planned to compensate Jim for the problems he caused him?

4. What suggests that Jim is only playing along with the two boys in their outrageous escape plan?

5. What is Aunt Sally doing when Huck again escapes down the lightning rod?

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