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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What types of snakes do Huck and Tom catch?
(a) Rattlesnakes and taipans.
(b) Garter snakes and house snakes.
(c) House snakes and swamp moccasins.
(d) Adders and garter snakes.

2. How had Tom planned to compensate Jim for the problems he caused him?
(a) To have further river adventures and have a brass band procession.
(b) To organize a concert in his honor.
(c) To give him a job scouting in Indian territory.
(d) To buy a house for him, his wife and children.

3. How does Huck re-enter the house in Chapter 34?
(a) Through the back door.
(b) Through the front door
(c) Through a side window.
(d) By climbing the lightning rod.

4. How does Huck explain Tom's wound to the doctor in Chapter 41?
(a) He claims that Tom slipped and fell and the gun discharged.
(b) He claims a bandit did the deed.
(c) He says Tom kicked a gun in his sleep, during a dream..
(d) He explains that Tom was cleaning the gun when it discharged.

5. From the list below, select the set of character traits Tom Sawyer is shown to have, as shown in Chapter 34.
(a) Untrustworthy, attractive, serious, risk-taking, brave.
(b) Innovative, easily led, amoral, gullible.
(c) Practical, slippery, easily led, sly, romantic.
(d) Imaginative, brave, true to his word, innovative, romantic.

6. How soon do the King and the Duke make up their quarrel in Chapter 30?
(a) They don't: they become sworn enemies.
(b) By next morning.
(c) In half an hour.
(d) In an hour.

7. Who does Tom say almost spoiled their adventure?
(a) Aunt Sally.
(b) Uncle Silas.
(c) The doctor.
(d) Jim.

8. What is the problem with Jim being imprisoned in a log cabin?
(a) It is easy for others to hear what is going on inside it.
(b) There is no rock on which he can trace his coat-of-arms.
(c) It is very cold there at night.
(d) There is nowhere for Huck and Tom to hide should someone come by.

9. What is Aunt Sally doing when Huck again escapes down the lightning rod?
(a) Sleeping.
(b) Baking bread.
(c) Having a loud argument with Uncle Silas.
(d) Mending her torn dress.

10. In Chapter 37, what does Uncle Silas promise to do next day?
(a) Look for his shirt.
(b) Stop up the rats' holes.
(c) Pray harder.
(d) Plant more watermelons.

11. What prevents Jim from being hanged?
(a) Financial considerations - they'd have to pay his owner for him.
(b) Pleas from Huck and Tom.
(c) Compassion.
(d) Convenience.

12. Where is Aunt Sally's calico dress in Chapter 42?
(a) In the mending basket.
(b) It's being worn by Jim.
(c) One of the slave women is wearing it.
(d) Aunt Sally is wearing it.

13. How do Huck and Tom exit the house in Chapter 36?
(a) Through the storm cellar.
(b) Through the front window.
(c) Out the back door.
(d) Down the lightning rod.

14. What secret does Jim reveal at the end of the book?
(a) That there is more money hidden on the raft.
(b) That Huck's father shot two of the Grangerfords.
(c) That Huck's father was the dead man inside the floating house.
(d) That he is really an African prince and can reward all of them.

15. Who built Silas Phelps' church?
(a) He had the building floated in from Baton Rouge.
(b) He built it himself.
(c) He raised money in the village.
(d) He obtained funds from the Unitarians.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Tom arrive back at the Phelps farm in Chapter 42?

2. Why isn't Jim able to sleep in Chapter 39?

3. Why is there no reply to the letters Uncle Silas sends the plantation owners?

4. In what way does Jim think his prophecy of riches has been fulfilled?

5. What secret does Huck share with Tom in Chapter 33?

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