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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which people did Huck and Tom intend to ambush?
(a) Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.
(b) Arabs.
(c) Gypsies.
(d) Magicians.

2. What happens two days after the funeral?
(a) Huck digs up the coffin.
(b) The King puts the property and slaves up for sale.
(c) The King borrows a substantial sum of money.
(d) The King preaches a sermon.

3. In Jim's eyes, how is Huck different?
(a) Jim says Huck is the only 'white' person who has ever honored a promise to him.
(b) Jim notes that Huck has little care for money.
(c) Jim thinks Huck is braver than anyone else he knows.
(d) Jim says Huck is 'true blue' and is helping him.

4. What word should Huck have used instead of "dolphin"?
(a) Whale.
(b) Dapin.
(c) Dauphin.
(d) Catfish.

5. What is the 'good place' to which Miss Watson keeps referring?
(a) Baton Rouge.
(b) The cemetery.
(c) Heaven.
(d) Church.

6. According to what Huck tells the King and the Duke, where did his parents come from?
(a) Pike County in Missouri.
(b) Pike County in Illinois.
(c) Carp County in Illinois.
(d) Orange County in California.

7. Why is his father annoyed with Huck in Chapter 5?
(a) He doesn't like Huck's airs, nor does he like Huck being educated.
(b) Huck is too friendly with Jim.
(c) Huck is not progressing quickly enough at school.
(d) Huck put his money where his father couldn't get it.

8. What news does Mrs. Loftus give Huck regarding his 'murder'?
(a) Miss Watson is engaged to be married.
(b) Jim is a suspect.
(c) Pappy has accused Jim.
(d) Judge Thatcher is a suspect.

9. What forms the basis of the humorous conversation in Chapter 14?
(a) Jim's accent.
(b) Huck telling Jim more tall stories.
(c) Huck's American vernacular.
(d) Huck's garbled retelling of matter he has just read about.

10. Which encores does the Duke suggest Chapter 21?
(a) The Highland fling, the sailor's hornpipe and Hamlet's soliloquy.
(b) Hamlet's soliloquy, the death of Macbeth and the death of Juliet.
(c) The Highland fling, the Irish jig and Malvolio's tirade.
(d) Hamlet's soliloquy, the Highland fling and the sword-dance.

11. How can a snag in the river be recognized?
(a) Through the appearance of a streak in the water.
(b) By the height of the waves.
(c) By a swirl and ripple in the water.
(d) By the way it sticks out of the water.

12. Who gives new clothes to Pappy?
(a) Judge Thatcher.
(b) Huck.
(c) The new Judge.
(d) Miss Watson.

13. How does Huck escape from the cabin he has been locked in for three days?
(a) He climbs up the inside of the chimney.
(b) He smashes a window and climbs out.
(c) He prizes up the floorboards and escapes that way.
(d) He saws his way out.

14. What is the main accusation Colonel Sherburn levels at the crowd?
(a) A negligent attitude to their church-going.
(b) Cowardice.
(c) Racial prejudice.
(d) Poor dress standards.

15. How does Huck give himself thinking time when questions about England become awkward?
(a) He pretends to choke on a chicken bone.
(b) He has a drink of water.
(c) He says there's a mouse under the table.
(d) He pretends to sneeze.

Short Answer Questions

1. What illness is supposed to be the problem at the Proctors'?

2. How do they all make good their escape from the villagers in Chapter 23?

3. Who is responsible for tending the door on the night of the special performance in Chapter 23?

4. What does Huck call "the horriblest looking outrage I ever see"?

5. How did Tom and Huck become rich?

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