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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the source of the commotion in the cellar in Chapter 27?
(a) The King and the Duke fighting over the money.
(b) A dog that has found a rat.
(c) A dog has baled up a runaway slave.
(d) A drunken mourner has raided a wine barrell.

2. Why is Huck pleased he chose to hide behind the curtain and not under the bed in Chapter 26?
(a) Because there is a smelly chamber pot under the bed.
(b) Because the first thing the duke does is to look under the bed.
(c) Because he enjoys the perfume in Mary Jane's dresses.
(d) Because he can actually see what the King and the Duke are up to.

3. Where does Huck hide the money in Chapter 27?
(a) On the raft.
(b) In Joanna's room.
(c) In Peter's coffin.
(d) Under Peter's bed.

4. Why do Huck and Jim leave the baby's bottle in the house?
(a) They think it contains poison.
(b) It is broken.
(c) It contains sour milk and would be diffficult to clean.
(d) It is too small to use as a water bottle.

5. What happens two days after the funeral?
(a) The King borrows a substantial sum of money.
(b) Huck digs up the coffin.
(c) The King preaches a sermon.
(d) The King puts the property and slaves up for sale.

6. Why isn't Lawyer Bell present in Chapter 25?
(a) He is on business in Louisville.
(b) He is out hunting.
(c) He is on holiday in New Orleans.
(d) He is dead.

7. What is the main accusation Colonel Sherburn levels at the crowd?
(a) A negligent attitude to their church-going.
(b) Poor dress standards.
(c) Racial prejudice.
(d) Cowardice.

8. How does Huck's practical joke on Jim backfire?
(a) Jim is bitten by an actual snake.
(b) Huck is bitten by a rattlesnake.
(c) Jim turns the tables by putting live coals in Huck's bed.
(d) Jim is so angry that he attacks Huck.

9. Which people did Huck and Tom intend to ambush?
(a) Gypsies.
(b) Magicians.
(c) Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.
(d) Arabs.

10. What idea is it that Huck and his friends don't fully understand [when forming their gang and making plans]?
(a) Redress.
(b) Remuneration.
(c) Ransom.
(d) Reconciliation.

11. How does Huck augment his and Jim's diet of river fish and shot waterfowl?
(a) He steals chickens and raids gardens for things like watermelons.
(b) He steals oranges and grapefruit.
(c) He finds food scraps outside restaurants.
(d) He buys cornmeal flour in a village.

12. How do Huck and Jim first conceal themselves on the Illinois shore?
(a) They stay on the raft that they have covered with branches.
(b) They hide in a cottonwood thicket.
(c) They hide in a ditch.
(d) They dig a shelter on the riverbank.

13. Why is his father annoyed with Huck in Chapter 5?
(a) Huck put his money where his father couldn't get it.
(b) Huck is not progressing quickly enough at school.
(c) He doesn't like Huck's airs, nor does he like Huck being educated.
(d) Huck is too friendly with Jim.

14. How do Huck and Jim enter the wrecked ship?
(a) By climbing the paddle-wheel.
(b) Through the forward skylight.
(c) Through a hole in the stern.
(d) They climb onto the larboard deck and go down a ladder.

15. What does Huck do with his money?
(a) He signs the entire amount to Judge Thatcher.
(b) He asks Judge Thatcher to invest all the money in pork bellies.
(c) He gives the money to an anti-slavery movement.
(d) He asks Judge Thatcher to give it to the Widow.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the murderers defer leaving in the skiff?

2. What is the 'good place' to which Miss Watson keeps referring?

3. How is Jim alerted to the coming lightning storm?

4. Who has "no more smile to him than there is to a ham"?

5. What is unusual about the tracks Huck finds in the snow?

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