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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 42.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Huck and Jim first conceal themselves on the Illinois shore?
(a) They hide in a ditch.
(b) They stay on the raft that they have covered with branches.
(c) They dig a shelter on the riverbank.
(d) They hide in a cottonwood thicket.

2. Where does Tom leave an anonymous letter?
(a) At the back of the neck of a sleeping slave.
(b) In the fist of a sleeping slave.
(c) Sticking out from the front doormat.
(d) Under Aunt Sally's pillow.

3. According to Tom, what is the problem with Jim's captivity?
(a) Getting past the other slaves.
(b) Getting across the moat.
(c) Difficulties have to be invented.
(d) Difficulties could make it impossible to achieve.

4. What doesn't the Duke like about the King's portrayal of Juliet?
(a) He is bellowing when he should be speaking softly.
(b) He is becoming too emotional in the role.
(c) His voice is too soft to be heard.
(d) The fact that he has a beard.

5. Which encores does the Duke suggest Chapter 21?
(a) Hamlet's soliloquy, the death of Macbeth and the death of Juliet.
(b) The Highland fling, the sailor's hornpipe and Hamlet's soliloquy.
(c) Hamlet's soliloquy, the Highland fling and the sword-dance.
(d) The Highland fling, the Irish jig and Malvolio's tirade.

Short Answer Questions

1. What explanation for Tom's absence does Huck give Uncle Silas in Chapter 41?

2. How many gun-toting farmers were in the sitting-room in Chapter 40?

3. What does the King do after his confession?

4. How does Tom arrive back at the Phelps farm in Chapter 42?

5. Who built Silas Phelps' church?

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