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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 37.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Aunt Sally's sister?
(a) Huck's aunt.
(b) Miss Wilks.
(c) Tom's mother.
(d) Miss Watson.

2. What does Jim confide to Huck in Chapter 23?
(a) That he didn't realize scarlet fever had made his daughter deaf and punished her for not obeying him.
(b) That he is really a descendent of Thomas Jefferson.
(c) That he is glad to be away from his family because the children are noisy and disobedient.
(d) That he stole money and jewelry from Miss Watson and has hidden these on Jackson Island.

3. In what way is Huck's time with his father spoiled?
(a) They never catch any fish.
(b) They run out of money.
(c) His father threatens him with a shotgun.
(d) His father beats him frequently.

4. What time is it when the boys become too tired to carry on?
(a) Supper-time.
(b) Four in the morning.
(c) Two in the morning.
(d) Around midnight.

5. What action does Jim fear will bring bad luck?
(a) Touching a snake's skin.
(b) Pulling floating bread from the river.
(c) Spitting into the wind.
(d) Falling over a black cat.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who pumps Huck for information about England?

2. Who is the other person Huck tells Mary Jane in Chapter 28 would be in big trouble?

3. What has been bringing many people to town in Chapter 21?

4. What is the problem with Jim keeping a journal?

5. Who is the stranger from Hicksville?

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