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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 38.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What forms the basis of the humorous conversation in Chapter 14?
(a) Huck's garbled retelling of matter he has just read about.
(b) Huck telling Jim more tall stories.
(c) Jim's accent.
(d) Huck's American vernacular.

2. What does Huck do with his money?
(a) He signs the entire amount to Judge Thatcher.
(b) He gives the money to an anti-slavery movement.
(c) He asks Judge Thatcher to give it to the Widow.
(d) He asks Judge Thatcher to invest all the money in pork bellies.

3. In Chapter 35, what does Tom instruct Huck to do?
(a) Steal some food.
(b) Leave the back door open.
(c) Steal three knives.
(d) Steal a knife.

4. According to Huck, what delayed his steamer?
(a) It had to circle around to pick up a passenger who'd fallen overboard.
(b) It ran aground.
(c) It was held up by bad weather.
(d) It blew a cylinder head.

5. Who is Aunt Sally's sister?
(a) Huck's aunt.
(b) Miss Wilks.
(c) Tom's mother.
(d) Miss Watson.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which people did Huck and Tom intend to ambush?

2. Why do the murderers defer leaving in the skiff?

3. Who is the servant, Adolphus?

4. What kind of enterprise does the Phelps family have?

5. In Chapter 32, who does Huck say gave him breakfast?

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