The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Character Descriptions

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Aunt Polly

This character has responsibility for a child and discloses an important secret.

Aunt Sally

This kindly character is confused about cutlery.


This character's appalling behavior leads to his destruction and, subsequently, a tense confrontation.

Widow Douglas

This character adopts the main character and attempts to provide a stable home.

The Duke

This character is a young drifter who eventually receives unpleasant payment for his scams.

Huck Finn

This character is young, adventurous, and endowed with common sense. He is the protagonist of this book.

Huckleberry Finn

This character is a fourteen-year-old boy who thinks reflectively while enjoying escapades and adventures.

Pap Finn

This repellent character is a hopeless drunk who plans to steal his own son's fortune.

The Grangerfords

This wealthy family has a home that mightily impresses the protagonist, though he is sickened by the feud they carry on with another family.

Buck Grangerford

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