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Short Answer Questions

1. People may also become obsessed with ____________.

2. What is the final wish?

3. What is constructed in the poem?

4. Where do the people live?

5. What kind of transportation line is Greyhound?

Short Essay Questions

1. What item catches Ginsberg's eye? Where is it?

2. What is the main theme of this poem? What is the poet's opinion of the theme?

3. How should one behave in the giving and receiving of love? Where does this habit originate?

4. What path of thought does the item inspire?

5. What is the child's condition and outlook upon his surroundings?

6. What is at least one of Ginsberg's comments about the racks and baggage?

7. What is one of the main themes in this poem? To what does Ginsberg compare the flower?

8. What is an asphodel? How does it compare to Ginsberg's concept of desire?

9. What childhood memory of politics does Ginsberg recall? How do those memories affect the present?

10. What is one of the main things that Ginsberg opposes during this time?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There was a lot of yearning mentioned in the work. Relate to this yearning to the poetry of Walt Whitman. Write a Whitman-esque poem regarding yearning. Analyze and list at least three other poets or poems in the same vein. Compare and contrast to Ginsberg's work at that time to Whitman's.

Essay Topic 2

Ginsberg refers to Carl Solomon's stint in a mental institution. Examine Ginsberg's tales. Do you think they are true or false? Why? Compare and contrast today's institutions with ones commonly found in the 1950s. Discuss different treatments, effectiveness, facilities, etc. Also discuss the common use of shock treatments as a method of curing insanity.

Essay Topic 3

William Carlos Williams says that HOWL is much like going through hell. Write a 750 word essay on Williams' opinion, relating it to each part of the poem. Also examine how other famous poems have used the same theme, concept and or imagery. Compare and contrast those poems to Ginsberg's Howl and other poetry.

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