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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of building is mentioned?
(a) Marina.
(b) Toll booth.
(c) Skyscraper.
(d) Shack.

2. What was a hobby of the father's?
(a) Trains.
(b) Baseball.
(c) Boats.
(d) Hot rods.

3. What spiritual leader is mentioned in the poem?
(a) Jesus.
(b) Abraham.
(c) Moses.
(d) Buddha.

4. What is the name of the person who pushes the cart?
(a) Spade.
(b) Leroy.
(c) Melody.
(d) Anderson.

5. What is constructed in the poem?
(a) Industry.
(b) Soul.
(c) Miracle.
(d) Sacrifice.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ginsberg has not touched what in months?

2. Which word best describes the child?

3. In the poem, the poet sees himself in what room?

4. People may also become obsessed with ____________.

5. What color is used to describe fate?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does Ginsberg work in this poem? What is his position? What are people waiting for?

2. What is the point of the poem? What is the poet's conclusion?

3. How does the theme affect each person? Where does it appear?

4. In what room in his apartment does the poet talk about his needs? What is his condition?

5. How long will Ginsberg continue to work at Greyhound? What is his opinion of the wage and capitalism?

6. Aside from housing personal baggage, what does Ginsberg believe is the purpose of the racks?

7. What is Ginsberg's comment about immigrants and their treatment in America?

8. What are the setting and characters featured in the poem? What is the main activity?

9. What is the main theme of this poem? What is the poet's opinion of the theme?

10. What childhood memory of politics does Ginsberg recall? How do those memories affect the present?

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