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Essay Topic 1

Discuss the political climate of the Northeast or, more specifically, in New Jersey post World War I. Also discuss how the war changed the social outlook of the people in Ginsberg's age range versus those of their parents. How were their views different? What was the general American opinion of World War I? Did Ginsberg agree or disagree with this opinion?

Essay Topic 2

Write a biography on famed poet William Carlos Williams. Include his youth, education, personal and professional lives. Also include Williams' professional and personal relationships with Allen Ginsberg as well as other Beat Generation poets Gregory Corso, Jack Kerouac, and Michael McClure. Also discuss how Williams affected the New York literary scene.

Essay Topic 3

Write a detailed analysis of each line of HOWL. You can choose to do so using either subjective or academic reasoning. Explain your analysis in detail. Cite sources where applicable...

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