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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Peck recommend for dinner at the fancy restaurant on the Eastern Shore?

2. What smells does Li'l Bit describe in the first scene?

3. Who does Peck take fishing?

4. What action causes Li'l Bit to comment on Peck's dexterity?

5. What does Grandma think is something that her daughters make up?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Greg, the boy who asks Li'l Bit to dance.

2. What happens after Peck's surprising declaration to Li'l Bit at the end of the photo shoot?

3. When Li'l Bit goes on the bus ride as an older woman, does she intend to seduce the young man who sits next to her on the bus?

4. Grandma marries Big Papa as a child bride at age fourteen. What does she still believe in?

5. Why does Grandma want to scare Li'l Bit with talks of sex.

6. How does Li'l Bit try to discourage Peck?

7. How does Peck position Li'l Bit for her first driving lesson?

8. Peck talks Li'l Bit into lying beside him in the bed, promising nothing happens. Li'l Bit agrees. How does this make her feel?

9. Li'l Bit leaves for college. What types of gifts does Peck send her?

10. What gives the 35 year old Li'l Bit comfort and a feeling of freedom?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Typically a sexual molester is represented as pure evil, but Peck is often represented as a sympathetic character. Cite examples where he is shown in positive light. Describe your impressions of Peck.

Essay Topic 2

Peck is described as having his own demons to deal with. What are these demons? Give examples of how he deals with them.

Essay Topic 3

We learn that Peck has a drinking problem. Li'l Bit offers to meet with him once a week if he'll stop drinking. Does he stop drinking? Why or why not? Explain your reasoning.

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