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Short Answer Questions

1. When does Li'l Bit begin moving away from the Men, Sex, and Women scene?

2. Who does Peck take fishing?

3. What college course does Li'l Bit tell her family about?

4. How does Li'l Bit describe the God who judges her grandfather when he dies?

5. How old is Grandma when she marries?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Vogel transition from the scene with the three females in the kitchen talking about sex, to Li'l Bit's first driving lesson.

2. Describe Aunt Mary's view of her husband.

3. How does Li'l Bit get her name?

4. If you didn't know the ages of Li'l Bit and Peck in the first scene, who acts more like the adult and who acts more like the child?

5. Why does Li'l Bit describe herself as cynical in 1969?

6. What three things does a married woman need to be able to use, according to Grandma?

7. What does Li'l Bit have to say about pedophilia?

8. What purpose does the Greek Chorus serve in "How I Learned to Drive"?

9. Explain Peck's theory of "fire" and people.

10. Who is Li'l Bit's cousin and what is his name?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Early in the play, Aunt Mary encourages Peck to talk to an upset Li'l Bit because he can handle her. Later, Aunt Mary tells the audience that Li'l Bit wraps Peck around her finger and is using him. Yet the first incident occurs when Li'l Bit is 17; the second is when Li'l Bit is 13. Explain these two different actions and perspectives from Aunt Mary.

Essay Topic 2

We learn that Peck has a drinking problem. Li'l Bit offers to meet with him once a week if he'll stop drinking. Does he stop drinking? Why or why not? Explain your reasoning.

Essay Topic 3

Mother and Grandma have different attitudes about sex. Explain what they are and why they're so different.

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