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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As she drinks champagne, what does Li'l Bit confess to being worried about?
(a) A problem with alcohol.
(b) Flunking out of school.
(c) Being pregnant.
(d) Being in love.

2. What does Peck keep in his basement?
(a) A workshop.
(b) A bed.
(c) A television.
(d) His camera equipment.

3. What does Aunt Mary buy Peck for Christmas in 1964?
(a) Aftershave.
(b) Camera.
(c) Tie.
(d) Car.

4. When does the scene of Peck doing the dishes occur?
(a) Christmas 1964.
(b) New Years Eve 1965.
(c) New Years Day 1964.
(d) Thanksgiving 1965.

5. In 1966, what year of school is Li'l Bit in?
(a) Eighth.
(b) Tenth.
(c) Seventh.
(d) Ninth.

Short Answer Questions

1. A tape cassette is sent to Li'l Bit on September 3, 1969. Where is she?

2. When the boy who asks Li'l Bit to dance is standing, where is his head level to?

3. How does Aunt Mary know that her husband is having a spell?

4. Li'l Bit is angry at Peck for sending the gifts. Why?

5. How many gifts does Peck mail to Li'l Bit after she leaves in 1969?

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