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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the boy who fakes the fainting attack announce after he grabs Li'l Bit?
(a) Foam Rubber.
(b) That he loves her.
(c) The real deal.
(d) Kleenex.

2. What does Peck convince Li'l Bit to do after they finish the champagne?
(a) Lie down next to him.
(b) Kiss him.
(c) Go driving.
(d) Spend the night with him in the hotel.

3. Peck announces that he needs a real drink at the end of the hotel room scene. What does he have?
(a) Shots.
(b) Scotch.
(c) Whiskey.
(d) Bourbon.

4. What does Aunt Mary buy Peck for Christmas in 1964?
(a) Camera.
(b) Car.
(c) Aftershave.
(d) Tie.

5. Sometimes Li'l Bit seeks Peck as what?
(a) Wise uncle.
(b) A free spirit.
(c) Flying Dutchman.
(d) A soldier.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Li'l Bit not want knowing about her weekly meetings with Peck?

2. How does Peck explain why he drinks?

3. How many glasses of champagne does Li'l Bit drink in the hotel room?

4. In 1966, what year of school is Li'l Bit in?

5. A tape cassette is sent to Li'l Bit on September 3, 1969. Where is she?

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