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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the Li'l Bit's family eating at the family dinner scene?
(a) Chicken.
(b) Spaghetti.
(c) Gumbo.
(d) Roast.

2. Li'l Bit tells Peck they have to go because what is happening the next morning?
(a) Wedding rehearsal.
(b) She's leaving for college.
(c) Graduation rehearsal.
(d) Finals at school.

3. "How I Learned to Drive" can best be described as what type of literary work?
(a) Novel.
(b) Novella.
(c) Short story.
(d) Play.

4. What does Peck compare Li'l Bit's breasts to?
(a) Heaven.
(b) Cathedrals of Europe.
(c) Two moons.
(d) Treasure.

5. What college course does Li'l Bit tell her family about?
(a) Biology.
(b) Behavioral psychology.
(c) Shakespeare.
(d) Sociology of family.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Peck leaves a drunk and sleeping Li'l Bit in the car, what music is playing?

2. Who says: "Sometimes to tell a secret, you first have to teach a lesson"?

3. Who is Peck married to?

4. In the middle of the Men, Sex, and Women scene, there is a temporary time shift to what year?

5. Li'l Bit becomes embarrassed when family members talk and joke about her breasts. Who tries to change the subject?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Peck's special place.

2. How does Li' Bit describe the male's love of cars?

3. During the 1966 scene titled "The Anthropology of the Female Body in Ninth Grade", an occasional beeping is heard only by the reader and by Li'l Bit. What is the beeping.

4. What does Vogel transition from the scene with the three females in the kitchen talking about sex, to Li'l Bit's first driving lesson.

5. Describe how Li'l Bit's family comes up with nicknames.

6. What does Li'l Bit have to say about pedophilia?

7. What does Peck do that takes away Li'l Bit's anger during the photo shoot?

8. What purpose does the music serve in "How I Learned to Drive"?

9. What happens after Peck's surprising declaration to Li'l Bit at the end of the photo shoot?

10. How does Peck describe his childhood while fishing with Bobby?

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