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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Li'l Bit describe the God who judges her grandfather when he dies?
(a) Angry white woman in a long black robe.
(b) Beautiful black woman in a long white robe.
(c) Fat man who no sense of humor.
(d) Small Asian woman reading a book.

2. Which of the Greek chorus speak for Grandmother?
(a) Male Greek Chorus.
(b) Female Greek Chorus.
(c) Teenage Greek Chorus.
(d) Senior Greek Chorus.

3. Li'l Bit becomes embarrassed when family members talk and joke about her breasts. Who tries to change the subject?
(a) Mother.
(b) Aunt Mary.
(c) B.B.
(d) Peck.

4. What is Peck's favorite car?
(a) '58 Rambler.
(b) '55 Bel Air.
(c) '56 Bel Air Sports Coupe.
(d) '60 Corvette.

5. Where does Peck want Li'l Bit's attention during her driving lesson?
(a) On him.
(b) Adjusting the car mirrors.
(c) The road.
(d) The radio.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Grandma think is something that her daughters make up?

2. What are Peck and Li'l Bit celebrating at the special 1968 dinner?

3. What college course does Li'l Bit tell her family about?

4. According to Peck, how are women taught to drive?

5. What state does Peck leave?

Short Essay Questions

1. Peck talks Li'l Bit into lying beside him in the bed, promising nothing happens. Li'l Bit agrees. How does this make her feel?

2. Why does Li'l Bit not want to be called by that name any longer in the family dinner scene?

3. Describe how Li'l Bit's family comes up with nicknames.

4. What trick does Jerome play on Li'l Bit?

5. Why are there only chairs used as props in "How I Learned to Drive"?

6. In the summer of 1962, Li'l Bit is trying to talk her mother into something. What is it?

7. The last time Peck is seen alive, he is drinking at a bar after being rejected by Li'l Bit. Li'l Bit sums up the rest of his life at this point. What happens to Peck?

8. What gives the 35 year old Li'l Bit comfort and a feeling of freedom?

9. Why does Grandma want to scare Li'l Bit with talks of sex.

10. Who is looking in at the sock hop, but not seen by the students?

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