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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the countryside is dotted with farmhouses, what do people witness from their front porches?
(a) Tornados.
(b) An eclipse.
(c) Planes taking off.
(d) The Civil War.

2. Li'l Bit asks her mother and grandmother something about sex, but receives conflicting answers. What does she ask?
(a) What age she should be for sex.
(b) Whether sex for the first time hurts.
(c) Whether they like sex.
(d) Whether she should have sex.

3. What does the parking lot overlook?
(a) Peck's home.
(b) Li'l Bit's school.
(c) The Beltsville Agricultural Farms.
(d) The Department of Agriculture office.

4. What action causes Li'l Bit to comment on Peck's dexterity?
(a) His ability as a brain surgeon.
(b) His lifting of her shirt.
(c) His ability to unhook a bra with one hand through her shirt.
(d) His driving ability.

5. Why does Li'l Bit call Peck a good boy?
(a) For helping out at home.
(b) For letting her drive the car.
(c) For not trying to molest her.
(d) For not drinking alcohol all week.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Li'l Bit and Peck have a celebration dinner at in 1968?

2. According to Peck, how are women taught to drive?

3. How does Li'l Bit describe the soap in the ladies room of the restaurant?

4. Who participates in the scene with three generations at the kitchen table?

5. The male Greek chorus interacts with Peck and Li'l Bit in what way during their special dinner?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Li'l Bit doing in college?

2. What views on women does Peck share with Li'l Bit as he does the dishes?

3. Why does Grandma want to scare Li'l Bit with talks of sex.

4. Why does Li'l Bit describe herself as cynical in 1969?

5. Why does Li'l Bit not want to be called by that name any longer in the family dinner scene?

6. What does Li'l Bit have to say about why she is kicked out of school in 1970?

7. What gives the 35 year old Li'l Bit comfort and a feeling of freedom?

8. What three things does a married woman need to be able to use, according to Grandma?

9. During the 1966 scene titled "The Anthropology of the Female Body in Ninth Grade", an occasional beeping is heard only by the reader and by Li'l Bit. What is the beeping.

10. What does Peck pantomime in the first scene?

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