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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Peck married to?
(a) We never find out.
(b) Aunt Mary.
(c) Mother.
(d) He's divorced.

2. What does the night of the first scene make a middle-aged man with a mortgage feel like?
(a) A country boy.
(b) A kid.
(c) A frisky young man.
(d) An old man.

3. Why does Li'l Bit call Peck a good boy?
(a) For helping out at home.
(b) For letting her drive the car.
(c) For not trying to molest her.
(d) For not drinking alcohol all week.

4. What is Peck's favorite car?
(a) '60 Corvette.
(b) '55 Bel Air.
(c) '56 Bel Air Sports Coupe.
(d) '58 Rambler.

5. As the lights dim, what announcement does "How I Learned to Drive" open with?
(a) The title of the work.
(b) Li'l Bit taking about secrets.
(c) An introduction of the characters.
(d) Safety first - You and Driver Education.

6. According to the mother, a married woman only needs a broom or a rolling pin. What does she prefer?
(a) Cast-iron fry pan.
(b) Broom.
(c) Spatula.
(d) Rolling pin.

7. How fast can Peck's favorite car go from 0 to 60?
(a) 10.2 seconds.
(b) 8.9 seconds.
(c) 7.8 seconds.
(d) 9.6 seconds

8. According to Mother, when a lady drinks, she should never get what?
(a) Tipsy.
(b) Drink like a man.
(c) Sloppy.
(d) Gay.

9. In the middle of the Men, Sex, and Women scene, there is a temporary time shift to what year?
(a) 1982.
(b) 1976.
(c) 1980.
(d) 1979.

10. What is serious business to Peck?
(a) Spending time with Li'l Bit.
(b) Having sex.
(c) Driving a car.
(d) Serving in the military.

11. What does the parking lot overlook?
(a) The Department of Agriculture office.
(b) Peck's home.
(c) The Beltsville Agricultural Farms.
(d) Li'l Bit's school.

12. Who is the nearest thing to a son to Peck?
(a) Greg.
(b) Larry.
(c) Li'l Bit.
(d) B.B.

13. Who participates in the scene with three generations at the kitchen table?
(a) BB, Peck, Grandfather.
(b) Li'l Bit, Aunt Mary, Grandmother.
(c) Li'l Bit, Mother, Grandmother.
(d) Li'l Bit, Peck, Grandfather.

14. Peck encouraged Li'l Bit to have a drink. What does she order?
(a) Daiquiri.
(b) Gin and tonic.
(c) Martini.
(d) Dead Man Screw.

15. Who tells Peck, "this isn't right," about what Peck and Li'l Bit are doing?
(a) Peck.
(b) Li'l Bit.
(c) The waiter.
(d) Mother.

Short Answer Questions

1. Li'l Bit becomes embarrassed when family members talk and joke about her breasts. Who tries to change the subject?

2. Who does Big Papa vote for?

3. Who says that Boy Scouts are horny?

4. What age is Li'l Bit when she first tells the audience about her family?

5. How does Li'l Bit describe the soap in the ladies room of the restaurant?

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