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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Big Papa vote for?
(a) George McGovern.
(b) Richard Nixon.
(c) George Wallace.
(d) Lyndon Johnson.

2. What college course does Li'l Bit tell her family about?
(a) Biology.
(b) Shakespeare.
(c) Behavioral psychology.
(d) Sociology of family.

3. What does the parking lot overlook?
(a) Li'l Bit's school.
(b) The Beltsville Agricultural Farms.
(c) Peck's home.
(d) The Department of Agriculture office.

4. What smells does Li'l Bit describe in the first scene?
(a) Fresh country air.
(b) Oil and gas from the car.
(c) Clover, hay, and leather dashboard.
(d) Animals and damp soil.

5. What represents the car in the first scene?
(a) A car windshield.
(b) Two chairs facing forward.
(c) A cardboard cutout that looks like a car.
(d) Two people standing with knees bent.

6. Where does Peck serve during the war?
(a) In France.
(b) In the Pacific Theater.
(c) Stays in the U.S.
(d) In Germany.

7. When does Li'l Bit begin moving away from the Men, Sex, and Women scene?
(a) When the singing starts.
(b) When Big Papa enters the scene.
(c) When her mother and grandmother argue.
(d) When the driver's education voice speaks.

8. As the lights dim, what announcement does "How I Learned to Drive" open with?
(a) Safety first - You and Driver Education.
(b) Li'l Bit taking about secrets.
(c) An introduction of the characters.
(d) The title of the work.

9. What are Peck and Li'l Bit celebrating at the special 1968 dinner?
(a) Getting a scholarship to college.
(b) Graduating from high school.
(c) Her first job.
(d) Getting her driver's license.

10. How does Li'l Bit describe the God who judges her grandfather when he dies?
(a) Angry white woman in a long black robe.
(b) Fat man who no sense of humor.
(c) Beautiful black woman in a long white robe.
(d) Small Asian woman reading a book.

11. What is serious business to Peck?
(a) Serving in the military.
(b) Spending time with Li'l Bit.
(c) Driving a car.
(d) Having sex.

12. Who says: "Sometimes to tell a secret, you first have to teach a lesson"?
(a) Grandmother.
(b) Mother.
(c) Li'l Bit.
(d) Peck.

13. What is Peck's favorite car?
(a) '56 Bel Air Sports Coupe.
(b) '58 Rambler.
(c) '60 Corvette.
(d) '55 Bel Air.

14. What does Peck say that he lives all week for?
(a) Molesting his niece.
(b) A drink on the weekend.
(c) Driving in the country.
(d) A few minutes with Li'l Bit.

15. Where is the location of the first setting?
(a) Maryland.
(b) New York.
(c) North Carolina.
(d) Pennsylvania.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Li'l Bit describe the soap in the ladies room of the restaurant?

2. How do people in Li'l Bit's family get nicknamed?

3. How does Li'l Bit hold the steering wheel?

4. What is the suggested music when Peck molests Li'l Bit in the first scene?

5. What is the name of the county where Peck grows up?

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