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Objective: Part One. As the play begins, the character uses a monologue to start the story before moving into her place in the scene with her Uncle Peck. This lesson discusses story elements.

1) Class Discussion: The main character of Li'l Bit begins the play by talking with the audience. She sets the scene. As the lights shine on two chairs facing front, Li'l Bit joins the scene as her 17-year-old self. Why does the author use these two different story elements to tell the story? Are they effective? Can story elements like this be used in a novel? Why or why not?

2) Individual Assignment: Looking at the story elements used in the first of the play, is there a sense of foreshadowing about how the rest of the play is told? Explain your answer.

3) Small Group Activity: Compare and contrast the two different story elements. Is one...

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