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Part 1

* Li'l Bit sets the scene in 1969, Maryland. * Li'l Bit introduces herself as a know-it-all seventeen year old. * Li'l Bit sits in the front seat of a Buick Riviera with a married man, her uncle Peck. * Peck talks about how good Li'l Bit's hair smells. * He asks about her shampoo, Herbal Essences. * Li'l Bit reads suggestive comments into what Peck says. * Peck tells Li'l Bit how good he's been by not drinking. * Peck asks for a reward for his behavior, which Li'l Bit grants. * Peck undoes Li'l Bit's bra with one hand through her shirt. * Peck asks to feel Li'l Bit's breasts. * Li'l Bit gives permission for Peck to touch her breasts. * Li'l enjoys being caressed, but stops Peck before he goes farther. * Li'l Bit tells Peck that they should go because she has graduation practice in the morning. * Peck tells Li'l Bit that he enjoys their time...

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