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Essay Topic 1

Throughout the novel, Forster has the characters moving in and out of houses and discussing their relationships to the places they have lived. The houses almost become a secondary roster of characters in the novel: Howards End, Wickham Place, Ducie Street, etc. Write an essay in discussing the difference between the way the characters relate to their houses. Choose at least three characters to compare and contrast. What does the way a character relates to his or her home say about his or her character? What view do you think the author relates most closely to?

Essay Topic 2

Miss Avery, the caretaker of Howards End, plays a minor though important role in the novel. Write an essay discussing Miss Avery's character and how she fits into the story. Why is she important? What role does she fill? What important functions does Miss Avery take care of? Discuss what drives Miss Avery to do what she does and the other characters' attitudes towards her. Can you tell how the narrator feels about her?

Essay Topic 3

In Chapter 26, when Helen brings the Basts to Evie's wedding, the issue of class differences becomes unavoidable. Write an essay discussing how class affects the characters of Howards End, providing examples from the text. Choose at least three characters to analyze and compare and contrast each with the others.

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